Something New

Something New (Written July 29, 2013)

It’s not something you can really avoid,
But it’s hard to do something new!
You want to try but you’re too afraid,
But, after all, new things come to you!


Argh, I feel so useless! School really needs to start before I actually become a blob. <,> I need something to occupy my time. Having the schedule of the school day helps me to remember to write and work on my stories too, so I am actually looking forward to the school year starting again. Which brings me to this ‘something new’ that I mentioned. I’m a senior this year. *polite applause* In the past few years three of my siblings have graduated and are all in college now. I keep hearing all about all these big things my sister is doing, and how everybody expects the same from my brother. >.> I am beginning to get worried about what I am going to do with myself when I get out of school. But, as I said, new things come to you. Life after school isn’t exactly something I can avoid doing. Haha, too bad. I wish there were a job where you got paid to be a student forever. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

Speaking of something new! Ive added new ways for you to follow me over in the sidebar, under the “Click and Keep Updated” It is right over there, so you should check it out and make sure you always know when you can find a new poem. If you want to. Maybe you regret having ever read this. Who know? *rolls eyes* Well, whatever the case may be, why don’t you follow the arrow and see! –>

*Booing* Nobody even guessed at my riddle, which saddens me. Maybe it really didn’t make any sense.The answer was a pen, by the by. You can try and make sense of that yourself, but I think if you re-read it with that answer in mind it will all make sense. Maybe. Or maybe it just makes sense to me because I wrote it. If it makes sense to you, you should let me know.


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