What a Waste

Being Better (Written July 30, 2013)

The hardest thing for me to do,
Out of anything at all,
Is keep my temper with idiots
Who ride a high horse tall.

They yell so they can’t hear you speak,
Then say what you said is wrong.
But how could they ever, possibly know
When they ignored you all along?

Oh, but they know, ’cause they’re smarter than you
‘Cause they went to a better school.
So they look down the nose and sneer at you,
And tell you that you’re a fool.

Yes, oh the glory of getting something good-
Treasure it, use it, then flaunt it with bad grace-
Miss the only important things
But use it to say home’s a disgrace.

I wouldn’t ever be proud of that,
And I ask you, how could you?
If you take something good but get only bad,
How could it be good to do?


So, I’ve mentioned a certain member of my family graduating college, and becoming a teacher, and how everybody is so proud of said person, right? Well, I can’t say I am proud. This person continually compares absolutely everything about our school here to the school affiliated with the college they went to. Now, trust me, I am not one to discourage finding the good things in other places and bringing them home, but that isn’t what this person is doing. This person is complaining about how just about everything is done here, with absolutely zero intention of trying to act on anything they say, or even to say it to somebody who could change it. -.^ Sounds nice and educated and like a real adult, doesn’t it? More like a little brat. Of course, this is something that came to mind when this person came back home during their first year of college, but none of us really paid much attention to it. Now when this person comes home they will always, during arguments (frequent occurence here) raise their voice so they are too loud to not be heard, and too loud for you to be heard, and conclude that you are an idiot, thus ending all discussion. -.- Granted, that has always been this person’s favorite way to argue- yell, and when you can’t argue back at something just shake your head and condescendingly say that the person you are arguing with is ‘just an idiot’. The only difference now is that this person will now throw in comments like, ‘Oh, but you haven’t learned enough yet.’ The biggest reason this whole thing bugs me, of course, is because most of what we argue about it matter of opinion- not fact.

Moral of this rant is this: 1) Don’t ever look down your nose at anybody, no matter what you know 2) Don’t ever act as if being the one who is loudest is the same as being the one who is right 3) You never win an argument by attempting to belittle your opponent, you just get out of it and 4) Never put your foot in your mouth and call somebody stupid for not agreeing with your opinion. 

Now, I apologize if it seems like I am just venting (No mistake, I am venting). I am not. Really. I think it is the biggest waste of a good education possible if you go around acting like everything and everyone else is beneath you after you get it. I mean, a good education is one of the biggest gifts you can ever receive, even if you do have to pay through the nose for it. To go and waste that by trying to use it just to establish that ‘you are better’ is the biggest waste I can imagine. Especially if you intend to become a teacher. My gosh. *fumes*


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