The Kindness of Strangers

The Good Will of Strangers (Written August 1, 2013)

I have lived most my life without certain things,
Close company most frequent of all,
But perhaps because I’ve been by myself
I’ve noticed something almost banal.

I say ‘banal’ ’cause its been mostly forgot,
This gift that has helped me along,
So common, so lovely, so obvious and plain,
Though we act like it’s almost gone.

It’s helped me out in the toughest of times,
A kindness who won’t thanks take
No one things twice about giving it-
If they did it would only be fake.

It’s that things that helps you when friends cannot,
In sorrow, in sickness, in danger,
At some point I think we’re all saved by it-
The good will of total strangers.


Yeah, so, I definitely have had occasion in my life to be grateful for the extraordinary good will of people I have never met, and will probably never meet again. Really, if you haven’t ever experienced that for yourself, take my word, people can be incredibly kind and generous.People who would drive miles out of their way to bring me home from a baseball game because they didn’t want a little girl (I was 10, and by no means little) to be ridding her bike home after dark. People who would invite a little loner kid (that would be me) to join them at their table at big parties because I was just going to skip. The sort of thing people don’t do for themselves, but just because they figure that the person they are helping needed help, and they could give it. It isn’t pity, not entirely. Just people doing for others what they can. (And this is all making me think of that song that was the intro to that show Yu Yu Hakusho. Anybody remember that? I think the song was called Smile Bomb, and I think it sort of said something similar.) I was just thinking about this because last night I got the opportunity to return a bit of that good will. Certain members of my family and I were just leaving choir practice last night (at the chapel, right off the highway) when we saw somebody’s trailer fall apart and all their stuff go flying. It was one of those framework trailers that you attach to a flat-bed, and the sides came entirely off. I think they said they were moving their granddaughter’s family, so there was a ton of stuff that came out of the trailer. My family and I, along with the rest of the choir that was there, all rushed out onto the highway (Somebody had swerved to avoid the stuff and ended up facing the wrong way- almost a very horrific accident- and their car was blocking the road, so we were totally safe.) to drag everything off the to the side. There was everything from this family’s coffee pot to their wedding pictures and baby shoes. We managed to get it all off pretty quickly, but there was tons of shattered glass. By this point the car that had been turned around managed to get facing the right way, and people started driving by again. Glass shards were being blown all over the place. That was when it got a little bit frightening. Then a cop (finally) showed up, and he got the owners of the trailer to drive back down the median in between the two sides of the highway so they could get all their stuff. Their stuff was scattered down almost half a mile of highway, so we all started gathering it up into what boxes were still intact. Luckily, I guess, their was a big storm coming, and the grass was just wet and tall enough that the papers all stuck to it rather than blowing away. We were able to gather together almost all of it into this one huge pile. Luckily, since this happened right next to the church, they were able to put all their stuff into our storage shed for the night. They’d been on their way through Colorado to Kansas. Today they came back and rebuilt their trailer. I think most of their stuff was retrieved, and not even all of the glassware broke, which is amazing. C= We were all very glad that we were there to help. I can’t imagine what would have happened to those poor people if nobody had been there to help. But, it all turned out well, so thank goodness! So, always remember to be kind to strangers, because one day that might be you receiving kindness from them. Or, less selfishly, because you have probably already received some from them. Even better, they just sort of deserve help, so you who can help ought to do so.

(Of course, opposite that sort of kindness people can give, they can tell a little kid who is bleeding seriously, and who doesn’t seem to be able to use one of his arms, that yeah, he can have a bandaid- if he can go to the store and buy one. -.- That was my brother. His chain on his bike broke and he flipped off of it and skidded down the road head first. Some total jerk were sitting in their front yards laughing and throwing crab apples at him. Turns out he had a pretty serious concussion also. Seriously, opposite the generosity, there are certainly some very awful people. But anyway.)


Also, has anybody here ever played Puzzle Pirates? Gosh I love that game! I haven’t been able to play much for the past few years because my computer can’t run it. (My computer is a piece of garbage.) But it is tons of fun. So I put a Puzzle Pirates banner in my sidebar too! Yippee. If you haven’t ever played it, you should check it out. It is the sort of game you can really enjoy without getting super sucked into. Or you can get super sucked into it. =P

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