My Treasure Chest

In My Pocket (Written August 16, 2013)

Wind chimes and silver bells,
Wine cellars and water wells,
Dinner tables and book shelves,
Water nymphs and woodland elves.

Long talks and short breaks,
Pork chops and rare steaks,
Fizzy soda and birthday cake,
Real dragons and dragons fake.

A world of wonder and an awesome stage,
Books with sage wisdom on every page –
All these in my pocket I stow away
For magic and a lovely day.


So, this is supposed to be a Jounal of Poems…But this poem has almost nothing to do with my day, Or, from another perspective, everything to do with it. I mean, I sat down to write up a post…and realized I couldn’t think of a topic to write about. At all. I woke up this morning and said, “I don’t have anything to do. I can be lazy, just for today.” So I turned on some music and lounged around all morning. Then I decided to take a shower. Right after I got in my sister knocks on the door and says I just got a text asking “¿Donde estas?” (Where are you?) And then I remembered…I was supposed to be babysitting for my sister-in-law. I was supposed to be there…right then. She had a check up for her baby. She is due next week. >.< So I hopped right out of the shower and rushed to her house. She just made it in time. And then I babysat her four other children (they are so cute!) for a few hours. Then she and my brother (her husband) got home, and decided they would go see a movie, since it will be their last chance before the baby is born. So I ended up babysitting from noon to 10:30. I could say a lot about my two nieces and two nephews. They are awfully cute. And pretty smart. And therefor evil. =P Or something.

But I didn’t want to gush about family. I gush about my family in almost every post I write. There is a lot to gush about. If nothing else, there are a lot of people in the family, so there is a lot to gush about. And, really, babysitting is something I enjoy. Little kids can be such a good example to me. I mean, they also force me to watch my behavior and make sure I am not saying ‘stupid’ too frequently, but the way they see the world is so different. So I enjoy babysitting, because I am always relearning everything. My oldest niece, Arya (5), woke up with a nightmare tonight. I asked he what it was about. She said monsters. I said they don’t exist. She said they do too, she saw them in the TV. I said they are just pictures, like the ones she likes to draw of cats. She said they can come out of the TV and come get her. (So, apparently, The Ring could have been written by a five-year-old.) I said they don’t exist. She asked why they don’t.

So, see what I mean? They see things differently. My three-year-old nephew (Wil) impersonates different animals and robots all the time. One day, when Arya told my other nephew, James (four), that he had to eat all of his breakfast if he wanted to be a big boy, James said he didn’t want to be a big boy, he wanted to be a wolf! Then Wil tells him “No Jamesy! Boys grow up to be men! Puppies grow up to be wolves.” At the time, Wil was two. It is so funny how they see the world.

And this is what I ended up thinking about when I sat down to write my post today. I didn’t want to write a poem about the kids (family and otherwise) that I babysit. I mean, I want to write one, but I wasn’t really feeling it. But after thinking about all this I realized that I could write about something else instead, and it would be totally relevant. Everyday there are all these little things that we pick up. Little treasures. For me, those are normally things like my one-year-old goddaughter singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star to me (that was today), or some random person at the store helping me carry my bags to the car. Or they can be a lot less noticeable. Like, a passing compliment for your hair, or the guy behind you in line for the cash register offering to buy your drink when you realize you are fifty cents short. Or maybe just a really pretty night sky, or a really cool lightning storm (we’ve been getting lots of both, this summer). I mean, there are all these little things that we see and just sort of store away in some special little corner of our minds, and might look at again some time in the distant future. Isn’t that nice? I think it is really special that I can have these moments to treasure, don’t you?


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