Frogowl? Owlog? (Written August 25, 2013)

I’m looking for a creature,
Half owl and half frog,
That cuddles like a cat
And hunts like a dog.

I found it when it was thirsty,
So I gave it some water to drink,
And it looked at me with its owlish eyes
And croaked and hooted and blinked.

I finally found it, after a while,
Down by the river where people sang,
I was watching the fishing when suddenly
Out of the river my frogowl sprang!


Ok, so that was probably the weirdest dream I have ever had. Ever. I found this thing that was a cross between a frog and an owl. And I gave it some water. And it ran away. And I went outside to look for it and found a river, and there were people singing there, and then there were people fishing, and my frogowl sprang out of the water! I think I will name it Frankie. It looked like a Frankie.

I think this was all brought on by some pretty crazy exhaustion. I just walked a pilgrimage. It was 50 miles long, over the course of two days. It starts at our chapel on the plains, goes through the city (where we spend the night) up to the foothills, and ends at the shrine of Mother Cabrini in Golden. Go to Google maps and check out the rout. It starts in Watkins, Colorado, and ends in Golden, Colorado. It is fairly intense. Not really, actually. Ok, kinda. It is tough. Most people end up hopping in a car along the way. Normally, I can make it the whole way without getting in a car, but this year I had to deal with acid reflux disease.

There we are! Or, part of us at least. There are more people than just that.

Did you know drinking water can make heartburn really bad? Well, when you are walking long distances in the heat of the day, you drink lots of water, and lots of Gatorade. I couldn’t do it. The heartburn was so bad. I made the whole first day, feet and legs totally fine. No blisters, only a tiny sunburn on my neck, and even without drinking hardly anything I wasn’t actually dehydrated too badly (Which is just about miraculous because it was in the 90’s all day, and at this altitude you can get some serious heat stroke and terrifying sunburns if you aren’t careful. You’re just so close to the sun.) . But I was, literally, floored by the heartburn. It was so bad. So I went home. I have never felt like more of a looser in all my life. I mean, I waited until the next morning, and I took all my pills that are supposed to keep the heartburn under control, and I drank milk. I did everything that you can do to keep down heartburn. And I woke up…and it was still there. It was so bad. Really, honestly, while I whine about just about everything, I have a very high tolerance for pain. Mind over matter is something I do well. More than anything, I am just not the sort of person who cries. I was, literally, knocked down, in tears, because it hurt so bad. *shakes head* So we called up my doctor and he said I should move up to the next grade of acid reducer if the heartburn really wouldn’t go away. I’d been on Ranitidine 150 (Zantac), so I moved on to Prylosec. I was all sorts of ready to take the meds, let theM kick in, and get back walking. But they weren’t working. And then I look at the package and see that is says that it won’t take effect for 3-4 days. 

So I went home. Gosh, I felt so lame. My little brother walked the whole thing. He is, like, nine. He carried the American flag almost the whole way. I really felt like a looser because there were certain people who only knew that I left and came back fit enough to be running around, totally fine to all outside appearance, who were very disappointed in me. Then I talked to my aunt, who also has acid reflux disease, and she was saying that I should have gone to the hospital, forget walking farther. So, I felt ok.

But anyway! What this all means is that I did do an awful lot of walking, even without doing the second day, and was very tired. And when we all came home, I had a very strange dream. About a frog-owl thing. And now I am going to go back to bed, because, like I said, I am tired. And, my heartburn is finally going away, so I will take advantage of that.

^ Can you believe that all that was to explain why I had a dream about a frogowl named Frankie?


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