Rhymingly! (Written August 26, 2013)

I think to myself sometimes and find,
That thoughts in my head are said in rhyme!
How peculiar, how odd, that my thoughts got this way,
But in my head, gone unsaid, is a rhyme I could say.

A funny thought, a curious word,
Something left quiet that should have been heard,
When I come to decide what makes sense to me
The thoughts fit together, well, rhymingly.

And so, I suppose, the rhyming will do,
At least for what thought I’m telling you.
If I’m just making sense for myself and my mind
Then, I suppose, a rhyme is what I find!


You know, I was just recently asked what inspires me to write poetry (I was asked by Charlotte Hoather on her blog. She sings, classical/opera. Her voice is gorgeous. C= ) and It stumped me at first, I’ll admit. I mean, it is a very natural thing to me. So I started thinking about it, and I decided that there are a few different parts to the answer.

Part 1)
I grew up in music. My grandmother was a professional opera singer, first chair violinist, and pianist. She also taught piano and directed a school choir. For as long as I can remember, music has always been a big part of my life. My mom and aunt, as well as all my older siblings, have always been in the school and church choirs. As soon as I was old enough, I was in those choirs too. And, well, poetry makes the words for songs, even if they never get a tune. And really, growing up with so much music around you, you end up making up song about all sorts of things. (My niece makes up songs about how she wants her pizza, but it is too hot, and she is hungry.) Eventually, it becomes pretty natural to put your thoughts to song.

Part 2)
Math. As much as I complain about math, I also enjoy how much sense it makes, and how there is zero room for making things up. There is an answer. Music is mathematical. How long you hold each note in a measure is a matter of simple fractions. It is all very natural. Words have their own rhythm (Less in English than in other languages) to them, so fitting them to music is a fun challenge with an ending that just..fits. It all works together.

Also, so far as this is concerned, I love studying words. You probably noticed that I, fairly frequently, will sidetrack into talk about etymology. I like writing with etymology and other aspects of the linguistic history of words in mind. Granted, how that usually ends up playing out is that I find out something interesting about the origin of a word and it makes me think of an interesting rhyme, that then flows into a longer poem that has nothing to do with the word I started thinking about.

Part 3)
It is my firm belief that every story, every thought, has a proper way for it to be conveyed. I’ve mentioned the idea before. There is, I believe, a best way to tell a story. I would never turn one of my poems into a book/short story, or vise versa. Kind of. There are some you can do that with, but they then become to different stories. You know? And, I think, the sorts of thoughts that I put here are the ones that deserve poems. I explain and explain, and ramble, and babble, because I am not yet a good enough poet to put it all into poetry. Though, on the other hand, I’m not trying to put it all in poetry. That would be trying to write a book into a poem. I’d be changing the story. That is why all my posts are made up of two parts- one part poem, for the poetry that the thought deserves, and one part me talking, for the journal part. It is to tell the story from two different sides. The journal part is a journal of my thoughts, most of the time, not of anything that has happened to me, which I have always chuckled at.

Part 4)
Speaking strictly of what inspires the content of poems, I just write about what I think about. Really, I think about a lot, so point 2 plays into what actually becomes a poem. But..yeah, I mean, I just sort of write. Thoughts are what inspire my poems. Which isn’t much of an answer, but is the only answer that I have, at the moment.

So, yeah. That is it. I stink at summarizing things. I was once asked by a teacher to explain why I read. Talk about an essay. I could have written a book. I almost did write a book. He said it was brilliant and all, now please summarize it into 3-4 bullet points of 10 words each. =/ I pounded my head into walls for weeks! It is a good skill to have though. It is good to be able to get past the sentiments and the art, and down to the actual core of what you are saying. Not that you should eliminate the other parts, because well…

…that would be changing the story.


2 thoughts on “Inspiration!

  1. Megan, I love the detail in your answer, I love music and I also loved Maths and took it to AS level, I like that in Maths your answer is either right or wrong and its not subjective to a markers like or dislike of your writing. I research so much to answer my History of Music questions then was getting reduced grades because I wasn’t summarising the points, blogging is forcing me to write more succinctly.

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