Dr. Seussy!

Another Day! (Written August 30, 2013)

There it goes, another day,
Twenty four hours gone away,
One sun up and one sun down,
Twice for the clock to circle ’round.

Here it is and coming fast,
Another new day is here at last!
Wave and greet the coming dawn
Say goodbye to the day that’s gone.

Another new chance, another try,
A million hellos become goodbye,
Don’t stop and watch it go away
‘Cause here it comes, another day!


So, yeah, I was reading Dr. Seuss to my nieces and nephews today….and I sort of wanted to try being my light-hearted…so I did! I’m not sure it worked…but that was the intent!

Ugh. I am tired. I went sightseeing in my own state yesterday. If you weren’t already aware, Colorado is amazing. It just is. We went to the cliff dwellings up by the Cave of the Winds. We went to the Cave of the Winds. We went to the Garden of the Gods. We went to the Seven Falls. We also went to an arcade that took four whole buildings to house. It was awesome! The whole thing was rather amazing. And loads of fun. Really, it is totally worth driving a little ways. And then we got home at 1AM…and I woke up at 6AM to babysit, and then spent a few hours filing sheet music away, and then babysat again. I am tired. And the sheet music was insanely disorganized, so I didn’t even get to finish. I go back tomorrow. Wish me luck! (I am soooo tired!!)


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