Good Night!

Goodnight (Written September 4, 2013)

Goodnight, goodbye, farewell, so long,
I hope you’re hearing a happy song,
I hope you’re seeing a pretty sight,
And I hope you have a peaceful night.

Sleep well, wake happy, have a good day,
I hope everything will go your way,
That you’ll eat some good food and have a nice drink,
And you won’t have anything bad to think.

So have a good morning, a good day, a good night,
I hope you never have cause to fight,
I hope you smile as you come and long after you’re gone-
So goodnight, goodbye, farewell, and so long.


I am so tired. Really, totally exhausted. I have been working all day. All week, actually. And the week before that. I have been quite busy doing some unpleasant work. I won’t go into it. It involved lots of organizing papers and then being in a construction sight. And I haven’t been coming home and sleeping. I don’t think that is because I am an insomniac, either. Not this time. It is acid reflux.

Ok, so, one of the things you do when you have acid reflux disease is you elevate the head of your bed. Being at an elevated angle like that helps keep your stomach acid in your stomach while you sleep. I though it would be…an inch or two elevation. It is, actually, 6-9 inches. I fell like I am sleeping on a ramp. Which, I kinda am. I have only had my bed adjusted for two weeks.., and I have gone 7~8 of those 14 days without sleeping. I am dying. I want to sleep. Worst part is that the heartburn has only been getting worse.

How bad is it when you actually want to go to the doctor’s?

So, I hope you can sleep well and have a good day tomorrow. Personally, I am looking forward to the Bronco’s game. Also, if you have never heard it before, you should go get on YouTube and listen to the Ave Maria written by Franz Biebl, because it is gorgeous. We are learning it right now in our church choir, and it is amazing. Also, you should go look up the band called Paper Bird from Boulder, Colorado. I love this band! This is one of their songs:



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