You Know What?

Just Too Much (Written September 9, 2013)

Have you ever wanted to apologize,
But also wanted to scream?
Like, though you’re sorry for something else,
You’ve just got to let off steam.

I mean, have you ever been bossed around?
Or shouted at for something dumb?
Then, even if you did something wrong,
You find out of patience you’ve run.

I’m sick of your cruddy attitude,
I done with you darned delusions!
I’m through with the uncalled for insults,
The lies and all other inclusions!

I’m through, I’m at my patience end,
I don’t care if to start I’d been wrong,
You’re a jerk and I’m finally done with you,
And next time you look I’ll be gone.

That’s right, I’m gone, I’m leaving here.
I’ve lost any will to stay,
I’ll come back in awhile when I’m less ticked off…
But for now I will go away.


Ok, so, originally I was going to write a totally different poem. Then I wrote the first line and decided that no! I was going to write about exactly what was on my mind. What is currently on my mind is nothing pleasant, or happy. I am mad.

Why am I mad do you ask? I am mad because I really can’t stand certain people. I can’t go into it because it is a sensitive issue concerning other people besides myself,  but I’ll say what I can. I belong to a certain choir (one of a few different ones) that operates at the same time as certain other events. All these events are overseen by the same person. This person enjoys drama and theater. This person fancies themself to  be a brilliant playwright and director. This person does not like the director of the choir, or choir in general.  But this person is in charge of scheduling when who gets to practice in this hall.

See where this is going?

This choir has been around for…50 years? A while. In its time it as done very well. Really, for an amateur choir, it has done extremely well. The “theater” (in quotes because it is a pathetic joke, and people only come to watch because they have family involved) has been around for five years. I’ve been a part of it since it started. There were two or three plays in a row that made people say that, maybe, the plays could actually be good. Since then we have stopped concentrating on the actual acting and delivery of lines, as well as the plot. The past five years have seen nothing but expensive sets and costumes. There hasn’t been a single year where you could hear or understand what was going on since this started. It is ridiculous. (If you heard me mention plays before in a more favorable light, those were school plays. They stank too, but that is a totally different story.)

But! it was started by this person who I’ve been mentioning. Meaning that it receives blatant favor. Like, for instance, all the money the hall raises in fundraising goes, strictly, to the sets and costumes for these plays. These plays produce zero money. They cost at least $1200, even if we are re-using costumes and sets that we have had from past plays, and that isn’t counting all the costumes and props borrowed from the cast and never returned. But! The director is the person in charge, so they call all the shots for anything happening in this hall. So, this person has arranged it so that this year the only time the choir is allowed to practice to be in the same time that the choir director is out for medical reasons. The sort of reasons that everybody has known about for several months.

*shakes head* Seeing as I actually like the choir, maybe I am biased. But I have never heard anything good about the plays, and we have been receiving high praise for the choir for a very long time. I find it to be a gross abuse of power to just cut the choir so that you can have more time for your pet project. Of course, none of this would matter if the choir could just go elsewhere (or evict the jerk who is trying to get rid of us), but there are some very legitimate political and financial reasons that that could never happen. So, I am ticked.

Of course, I am also stressed because I am in the middle of math homework, and I’m sure by now you all know how I feel about math, so maybe I am being dramatic. I don’t think so. Really, I don’t. But I am just a teenager, so what does it matter what I think?


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