The Old Man is Snoring…

Plip, Plop! (Written September 13, 2013)

Plip, plop, drip, drop,
Down comes the rain,
Splattering, sprinkling, tree leaves tinkling
As drops collide again and again.

Slash, splunk, plink, plunk,
The rain comes thumping down,
Flooding, flowing, never slowing,
Puddling all over the ground.

Splish, splash, plip, plash,
The skies won’t cease to weep,
Ever dropping, never stopping,
It whisks me off to sleep.

Down, down, down it comes,
Again an again and again,
Plip, plop, drip, drop,
Down comes the rain.


The rain just isn’t stopping at all. If you haven’t heard already, Colorado is currently receiving an extremely rare deluge. It has been raining just about non-stop for almost a full week. The whole state seems to be flooding. 3 people are dead, and many more are missing. Whole towns have had to be evacuated when dams overflowed or when the rain caused mud slides. Which is all very frightening, except that I live far enough away from the storms that I haven’t seen anything nasty. We’ve just been getting some much needed rain. It is super weird though, because Colorado normally only gets rain along with strong thunder storms. We don’t normally get this steady downpour. It is odd. But it is also nice (for those of us away from the, literally, natural disaster area). I like the steady rain, every now and again. It is perfect weather for sitting by a window and reading, or for watching a movie with a big bowl of popcorn.

Keep the rest of Colorado in your prayers though, because it isn’t very pleasant for all the people who are experiencing dangerous flooding and roads collapsing.


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