My Own Job

My Fight (Written September 18, 2013)

There goes another awful day,
But why should they care anyway?
It’s not their fault, it’s not their life,
It isn’t as if this was ever their fight.

Why on earth should they have to care?
Why should it matter if they aren’t there?
Why should I need their help or concern?
How long will it be before I learn?

I’m my reaction, I’m my own fault,
If I wait for them my life will halt,
I’m my concern, my duty, my task,
So I’ve decided I’ll take care of myself at last.


You know, there is nothing that hurts worse than being hurt by the people who are supposed to help you. Like when a doctor messes up you end up in more pain after you leave the hospital than you were in when you came. Or like when the people in the world who care the absolute least about what you have to say are the ones who keep telling you they are listening. But, really, all this made me think is that we make the problems ourselves. We make our own expectations of people and let ourselves be hurt when they don’t live up to them. Why should they care? So I’ve decided I’m just not going to expect anything for anybody else. If they do something for me then I will be happily surprised, but I’m not gonna wait for it. Not from anybody. Not friends, not family, nobody. It isn’t worth it, and it is silly. You are your own responsibility. Who you are is who you allow yourself to be. If you are going to wait and expect others to help you just because you need help then just be careful, because they might not care. After all, it doesn’t concern them if you won’t take care of yourself. That is your job.

And, yeah, that was really dramatic and all. But it was also pretty true. You are your job, and nobody else’s. Also, I am sort of fed up with dealing with people, myself included, who can’t seem to realize that. So, yeah, sue me, but I am going to be dramatic today. Come back tomorrow if you want a happy poem.


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