Happy Random

Chicken, Bawk, Meow (Written September 19, 2013)

Chicken, chicken, bawk, meow,
Eagle, tiger, lion, cow,
What would fit and what would not?
What is it that you forgot?

Hello, hello, goodbye, a fly!
Time goes, and flows, and slows, but why?
What link is there that now is gone?
What is it somehow gone wrong?

Change, the same, unending game,
I think this thought might have a name…
The world then is not like now,
Chicken, chicken, bawk, meow.


Ok, so I told you I would post something happier. Here it is. Actually, I feel like I lied. This isn’t, you know, happy. It is just sort of… random. There is actually a story behind the whole chicken, bawk, meow thing, by the way. Should I tell them? Tell us king! (If you haven’t ever listened to King of Spain by Moxy Fruvus, go and do so. I love that song.)

So, you know how there are those times where people ask you these horribly awkward questions, or are just sticking their foot in their mouth over and over? And you sort of just want to say something to totally distract everybody and, hopefully, make them forget whatever was just being said? My sister would start asking questions about sports- How ’bout them local sports teams?- and it kind of worked, but it was a really obvious redirect. So I came up with my own redirect.

I would just randomly say, “Chicken.” Everybody would get so confused by the out-of-the-blue-random-ness that they would look at me and go, “What?” and I would respond, “Bawk” and, as they stared at me in dumb confusion, would continue, “Meow.” It works really well, actually, until people get used to it. Now I’ll say chicken and everybody else in the room will follow up with the bawk so that I can end with the meow.

What does this have to do with the poem? Well, it is sort of what the poem is named… What is the poem about? Erm… ask me that later and I might have an answer. I sort of just wanted to have the chicken thing in a poem, so I wrote it down and followed it up with other lines that rhymed. The whole thing is basically just totally random.


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