Days of Autumn

Autumn Days (Written September 23, 2013)

Leaves turn brown and carpet the ground,
Or turn yellow, or orange, or red,
Autumn sets in, a new season begins,
As those last days of summer fled.

In Fall there’s a certain smell to the air,
Like pumpkins, and smoke, and corn,
Sort of like Spring has the smell of new things,
And of something just being born.

The chill of winter is not quite here,
But the heat of the summer is gone,
You can feel the earth as it settles to rest
Before the winter can dawn.

See the leaves on the trees fall and carpet the ground,
See the frost that is Winter’s call,
Smell the pumpkins, and spices, and sweet fire smoke
As the curtain of Autumn falls.


That is always what Autumn has meant to me. It means playing catch with the football in the front yard before the Broncos (go Broncos!) game starts. It means going to the corn maze with my friends. It means staying up late to goof off around the fire in the back yard. And it means that I can justify wearing my boots and scarves, and all my orange and brown. =P I love Fall. Seriously. C=


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