All For You (Not the Sister Hazel Song…)

All For You (Written August 25, 2013)

Everything I write
And everything I do,
I wish that I could say
That all of it’s for you.

And in a way, I guess it is.
I write and hope you’ll read
But that was never the start of things,
So please don’t be deceived.

I write to find truth and answers there,
I write to find a place for me,
I write to find doors that aren’t open yet
So I can unlock them and be free.

But I put them here for something else,
For all of you who read.
My joy when you like them is for you alone
So please don’t be deceived.


Thank you guys so much! I just hit my 100 followers mark. C= You guys are awesome. So, I wrote a poem for you. Originally (Well, second originally. First originally I was going to post this as my 100th post. But after I wrote it I thought it would be a bit odd like that, so I decided I would save it for my 100th follower.) I was just going to gush about the strange (in an awesome way) people who would actually read what I write, and say that I write for just for you guys. But then I thought about it and realized that that wasn’t true, and I would feel bad if I lied to you. I mean, if you read my post, Inspiration!from a little bit back then you know that I have been, and am, and will be, writing poems even if nobody will ever read them. I think in poem. But! I can only write as often as I do because I am thinking of these strange (in an awesome way) people who actually read what I write. And I can only write as well as I do because I don’t want to write something that would disappoint any of the strange (in an awesome way) people who read these poems. I mean, I would write the same poems, but I would never go back over them and analyze them, and check them, and re-write them again and again, if I didn’t have people who would read them. And so far as the journal/commentary parts after each poem goes: I most certainly would be thinking these things, no matter what. But after I started writing them where other people can read them I started thinking a little more about what I say. Like, could this encourage someone to do something bad? or should I reword this so that I can say something a little more important, rather than just complain? And other stuff like that. It has gotten me thinking about everything just a little more, because I want to make sure that the strange (in an awesome way) people who read what I write will understand me properly, and hopefully find some food for thought. So! Thank you for all the follows and the likes! You guys are awesome!


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