Taking Up The Challenge

The Call of Ink (Written October 5, 2013)
(In answer to the Rondeau Challenge)

Still I strive to the call of ink,
To keep alive the thoughts I think,
But words don’t seem to like my mouth,
So they hide and don’t come out,
Except with a reluctant slink.

So to the page they fall and clink,
A sad excuse, and so they shrink,
It matters not what they’re about-
Still, I strive.

Would that my words could be in sync,
Could flow serene through time’s fine link,
But they lack grace, an ugly shout,
Or else they are a whimp’ring pout,
Without the weight they need to sink-
Still, I strive.


So, I was reading this certain blog (Reowr: Poetry that purrs. It’s reowr because the cat said so.), and I encountered a challenge concerning poetry. I decided to attempt this challenge for a few reasons: it is poetry, and I like learning and challenging myself with poetry; the challenger is a poet whose work I greatly admire; and I had nothing to write and felt bad. =P But really, the challenge was just cool and interesting, and that was all that mattered in the end.

As for the topic? Well, I was reading a poem, just the other day, that happened to be by this same poet. It was gorgeous, as you will probably agree if you read it. All the poems by this poet are just so…I don’t think this adjective does it justice, but, for lack of a better word, they are graceful. I read these poems and feel like my own just sort of… plop out in angry rants, with little thought or refinement. Of course, that might just be me being dramatic. =P Which is what made me think to choose to answer the challenge in this manner. >=) And besides, what I wrote is entirely true. I strive to be a good writer, but am not yet there. Still, I strive.

The other thing about this challenge is that it got me thinking. I basically just sort of write my poems however they come out of my head. If I am submitting the poem for publishing, turning it in for school work, or am putting it anywhere where it might be ambushed and analyzed by an English/Literature teacher (my mom), then I will make certain to refine my poem to proper ballad form (what I write most frequently). I don’t do that frequently. So this challenge made me think that I aught to stop being lazy and actually write to a form. I mean, after all, it isn’t art if it doesn’t follow any of the rules (regardless of how evil we try to think of rules, all forms of art require them, by definition.). So, you may or may not be seeing some varying poetry forms in the upcoming posts.

(Of course, this is all entirely on the assumption that I will have any time to post at all. I made the silly mistake of getting myself landed in the advanced math class this year. School policy makes it so that I am stuck in this class. I am horrible at math. >.> And I’ve discovered that the advanced math teacher doesn’t really believe in explaining things, at least not in any way that I can comprehend. However, he does believe that lots of homework will make it so that you eventually understand. <,> I spend two hours every night attempting this homework. I try not to think about how this homework comes back…)



8 thoughts on “Taking Up The Challenge

  1. This is a terrific Rondeau! You have done a really fantastic job of the challenge. Your words ARE graceful and flow just beautifully. You are too kind in your praise of my writing, but I am so happy you enjoy my work and that this challenge inspired you to try something new. I hope you had fun with it! 🙂

    1. Thank you. C= And I love your challenges. I love poetry, but I am entirely self taught. Meaning I don’t know anything other than the most basic poetry forms. And, of course, these challenges are loads of fun because you get to see what everybody else writes too. C=

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