Looking For the Right Word

Right Words (Written October 17, 2013)

I’m looking for the right words
To say what’s on my mind,
So all my thoughts won’t go unheard,
So once they’re said they won’t be slurred,
So I can search on, undeterred
To see what I might find.

What words would find the rhymes I seek?
What songs would sing my mind?
Which words would catch the thoughts I leak,
Would leave my mouth and not be weak,
Would tell to me just what to speak?-
The words I cannot find.

To tell to you what I might say,
The tales that fuel my mind,
I look to find the proper way,
So that my thoughts together lay,
And so when comes the end of day,
I know right words I’ll find.


I hate math. >.< I don’t know that I am going to be able to do anything but math homework for the next decade (aside from this, of course =P).

That aside! My mom teaches literature at the school I go to and she is looking for a poem to have her class memorize, and analyze, and recite. She tries to have the poems they are covering match the books they are covering, so she is having some trouble. The book they are covering right now is The Red Keep by Allen French. It takes place in the 12th century and is about these people defending a castle in Burgundy from invaders. So, knights and chivalry and feudalism. We are having trouble finding a good poem of that topic range. Of course, that is also because we are trying to find one that won’t kill a bunch of 12-year-old kids to have to memorize.

So I was thinking about how it was hard to find the right poem to fit the situation, and ended up writing a poem of my own. =P All about finding the right words.

Also! If you happen to have any suggestions for a good poem that fits the criteria, please (please, please, please!!!) let me know. I would probably love you forever. And ever. If you can think of any good poem with a fairly obvious rhyme scheme and sensible meter, feel free to mention those too. They just had to memorize Ozymandias by Percy Shelly last, and If  by Rudyard Kipling before that, if you would like a point of reference.  I would absolutely love you forever for any suggestions you could make.

Err, and, like, these are a bunch of 12-year-olds..so PG-13 and under. =P (I can’t say I can think of any famous poems, or poems by famous poets, ever having anything over PG-13 in them, but you really just never know.)


And PLEASE feel free to mention any poems you can think of!

3 thoughts on “Looking For the Right Word

  1. I love the subject for your poem and how you developed it. A delightful read. 🙂 As for a poem for your mom’s class with knights/chivalry/feudalism…The Lady of Shallot comes to mind. It is very long, but it could be tackled in smaller pieces.

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