Striving Towards Excellence

Erm (Written a very long time ago)

Never give up, and never give in,
Fight your fight and fight to win.


Back an extremely long time ago when I kept an actual journal (Which didn’t work because I could never write about my day, but would instead always end up writing about whatever I was thinking about at the time, which was frequently a book that I was either reading or writing, or I just forgot about it all together. So, I gave up on that.) I was writing about the cricket that I heard outside my window. It was this big long (probably ramble-y) thought about how the first sound you hear right before the night sets in is one cricket chirping alone, and then a whole symphony of sounds strikes up. And that cricket really fascinated me. And what had started as me talking about the cricket outside my window ended with my writing a short piece of fiction that concluded with a brief poem. I cannot find the book I kept that journal in, and I can’t remember the rest of the poem, but those were the last to lines.

What does this have to do with Striving Towards Excellence? Good question! (sort of, I mean, did you read the two lines of poetry?) At school today we got a talk from a visiting priest who was stopping by to visit some of out classes. This priest is one of several who are working to get our schools to a good standard. He gave a talk to the 7-12th grade students today about holding yourself to a standard of excellence. He read us a few quotes from this guy who coached at Notre Dame once upon a very long time ago. I can’t remember the coach’s name (I will go insane if I cannot remember it soon. If you happen to think you know who it is, please let me know!) but all these quote were basically him saying that if you aren’t always trying to be the best, if you will settle for mediocrity, then you have a skewed view of life. I agree wholeheartedly. They were some excellent quotes, and the talk was absolutely excellent as well. Which made me think of this poem that I wrote a very long time ago.

So, for once, my quote actually pertains to an event from the day I am posting. I can do it!

Also, if I happen to remember/find the rest of the poem I will post it. It was about a cricket. And somehow it lead to those two lines. I’m not sure how. I can’t remember. But, if I do, I will let you know.

And if you happen to know who that Notre Dame football coach was, well, I would love it if you’d let me know.


2 thoughts on “Striving Towards Excellence

    1. No kidding. I guess Notre Dame’s football team was pretty awesome around then so he must have been a pretty good coach. It is going to drive me insane if I can’t remember his name…

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