A Path I’ve Walked Before

I’ve Walked These Paths Before (Written October 18, 2013)
**Just so you know, the parenthesized lines at the end are an alternative ending.**

I have walked these paths before
So I need a guide no more,
I know exactly where they go,
I know what different sights they show.

Since I already went that way
I need not walk there just to say
That at the end is what I need-
Where each turn brought me, I believe.

So I think that I will walk each path,
So when to some end I must come back,
Having walked them long ago            (Having walked them long before
I’ll know which way I need to go.           I will need a guide no more.)


So, a while back I posted something or another and ended up talking about how I think. The visual I used to describe it was that of a road. When I reach a problem I find the road branching off in different directions. Using knowledge gained from having been there before I can eliminate most of the branching paths, leaving only a few to consider.

I’d made up that visual as I was typing, but I sort of ended up really liking it and saying I would write a poem about it. So I did. But really, I mean, if I have reasoned through something before, then I don’t need to remember the answer. I can just remember that I could find it and then reason my way back to it again. It is like math. You don’t memorize that 2x-4= 2, you just solve it when you see it. And you can do that because you have already moved your mind through the steps to reach that conclusion. Well, why not apply that same way of thinking to everything else? If you can explain the whole process then you shouldn’t have any trouble using it later to move from A to B again, even if you forgot that A led to B. You know?

Grr! As always, I am failing abysmally to say this in any comprehensible way. I apologize. I swear, one of these days, I will be able to actually convey through words what thoughts go through my head. But I think that I got enough of the thought across. If I didn’t then I might upload an illustration to help you get what I am saying. So, let me know if it made no sense. Or don’t. I’ll probably post the picture anyway.

Oh yeah! In the past month and a half I have gained a new niece and two new cousins. Isn’t that exciting?! My sister-in-law was due at the end of September (Her baby was named Ena Catherine- means ‘flame of purity’), one of my aunts was due right at the start of October (Her baby was named Theresa Ilene- after my late grandmother), and my other aunt just had her baby last Thursday (Her baby was named Alexander Xavier- they said they will call him Xander). Everybody is healthy and well, and all the babies are super cute. I babysat for all three mothers when they went in to have their babies.  So, yeah, my close family has just increased by three. C=


2 thoughts on “A Path I’ve Walked Before

  1. Loved the poem and both endings. I couldn’t decide which ending I liked better as they both fit the poem perfectly for me. Congrats on your new niece and cousins! 🙂

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