My Resolution

My Resolution (Written November 1, 2013)

This is my resolution,
What, at last, I have decided,
After all the procrastination
To this decision I’ve been guided.

I will work my hardest to finish this-
My poems, my school work, my stories-
So that, at least, no points I’ll miss,
And I can be free of worries.

But more than that, I do suppose,
I’ll do all this work to see it done,
What it might bring nobody knows,
But this is my resolution.


So, I haven’t really been posting much lately, have I? I have been having troubles with my computer. They might never be fixed, I suppose, so I am just going to start posting from my phone. Ugh. I hate typing on touch screens. Oh well. I suppose it will give me a little more time to think about what I am saying. Goodness knows I need to do a bit more of that. =P

So, I have decided that I am going to finish this one story I am writing before Christmas. I have been stuck, so I stopped working on it, but I will get it done. And it will be amazing. Just so everybody knows. And I am going to graduate with a 4.0 GPA (thus far, Latin has always killed my dreams of 4.0, but I don’t have that any more.). So, Summa Cum Laude. I haven’t managed to reach Summa, thus far, just Magna Cum Laude. I will reach Summa. And I will get a six minute mile. And my volleyball team is going to win this next tournament.

And I will reach my goal of reading 60 new books this year. I read way more than 60 books a year, but the goal was to read 60 new ones. I’ve only read 27 thus far… and it is November. >.> So, two months to read 32 books? Not bad, honestly. The only difficulty will be finding 32 books I haven’t already read. Ok, no, that won’t be hard. There are so many books. Finding 32 books I haven’t read that I will want to read is what might be hard. I would absolutely love any recommendations that you might have. If I were 18 I would put up a link to my Read shelf on Goodreads so that you would know what I have already read, but my account is private until my birthday. *shrug*  I would make that the shelf that shows on my widget, but that seems to be broken. I don’t suppose anybody has any idea what is wrong with it? As you can see, it is being stupid.

But anywho, I have been feeling lame. I am determined to be as un-lame as possible for the rest of this year. (Well, forever, actually, but I figure I can re-asses my situation come the end of the year. =P

But really, I would absolutely love any recommendations anybody has for a new book for me to read. I’ve written a few times about different books I like though, so you could check those out if you wanted to get a feel for what I read. (My Hero!, My Books, and When? should all mention a number of different books I have read and liked. They should also all have links to the Goodreads page for the different books.) (I also really enjoy mystery books like the Flavia de Luce series, the Bess Crawford series, and, of course, Sherlock Holmes.) So, yeah, I would totally love you forever if you would recommend any different books.


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