A Rock And A Hard Place

A Rock and a Hard Place (Written November 2, 2013)

What do you do when caught between
A rock and a very hard place,
When presented with problems you’d rather forget
But know that you have to face?

You can’t pretend they don’t exist-
The one causing problems is far too close-
And you’re angry as heck that they’d do such a thing,
But you’re scared what comes after that shows.

So what do you say at such a time
To the ones causing problems who are so near,
Who you’d rather not see in trouble again
But who’re hurting something dear.


*sigh* So, Thursday was October 31, right? If you know anything about the origins of Halloween then you know that it is “All Hallows Eve.” The ‘hallows’ is referring to saints. November 1 is All Saints Day, so Halloween- All Hallows(saints) Eve is the Eve of All Saints Day. It is the feast day in the Catholic Church where we honor all the saints who don’t get their own feast day- there are too man saints for each to get their own feast or commemoration, so All Saints Day is a feast for them all. So, every year at my school we have an All Saints Day party.

The All Saints Day party is a costume party. Here’s how it works: you research a saint. There are hundreds. You learn a little bit about them (who they were, how they died and when, who their family was, etc.) and dress up as them. A lot of saints were martyrs, so the costumes can be tons of fun. St. Dennis had his head chopped off and preceded to walk several miles holding his head and preaching. Needless to say, that makes for an interesting costume. And then we have the costume contest. Part of this contest involves everybody who dressed up telling us about their saint, and everybody else having to guess who they are. It is a lot of fun.

However, this post wasn’t actually about the All Saints Day party.  Or, at least, not like that. I just wanted you to understand the setting that the event I am about to relate to you took place in. I was talking to a couple of the boys while we were waiting for a couple of the teachers and priests to return from judging the costume contest at the grade school. Then I smelled smoke. I was worried because one of my friends had just gone to singe the ends of the braided belt she made for her costume. I thought something must have caught fire. So I opened the door to the back hall where the smell was coming from… and realized I was smelling cigarette smoke. This back hall is where the high school boys lockers are (so sad, lack of space currently means that the lockers are a bit out of the way), so I turned to the boys I’d just been talking to and asked them why it smelled like smoke back there.

Now, in hindsight, that may have been a bad idea. What if these boys had been the ones smoking? *shrug* One of them was my OCD little brother, and the other was an honor student. Not that the necessarily means anything, but I know both of them pretty well, and I have a nose, so, yeah. Both of them, and a few of the other boys who were near by immediately left to go chase down the boys who were smoking (there is a fire escape down the same hallway that they’d been using to sneak out). Apparently this wasn’t the first time. My brother and company were running off to go beat them up, having finally had the last straw with these boys, so I went and grabbed the teacher I know to be the most discrete, who happens to also be my mom.

I don’t know about public schools, but I assume smoking isn’t allowed there either. I don’t know. I’ve been private school my whole life. In my school, if you are caught smoking, it is an automatic suspension. no exceptions. (*facepalm* Of course public schools would allow it. It is actually illegal. You have to be 18 to purchase cigarettes, and it is a crime to provide anybody younger with a cigarette. No exceptions.) Now, the thought of the two culprits being suspended doesn’t bother me- they are absolute losers and they needed a wake up call. It ticked me off that that sort of crap (excuse me) was going on in my school. But that isn’t why I was really upset. I was upset because my little sister caught one of the girls (who happens to be on my volleyball team, and who is in the same choir as me, and who has generally been a good friend and a good example at school) commenting about how lucky she was that she hadn’t met up with them yet, because then she would have been caught smoking too.

Now, I don’t have a big problem with smoking a cigarette. I mean, whatever. Who cares? Sort of. My sister-in-law is asthmatic and pregnant and my stupid brother still won’t quite smoking around her and that really irritates me. So, I have issue with smokers on account of the fact that most of them that I know can’t seem to quit. Also, my grandma can hardly breath because she smoked so much in her younger days. On of my sister’s friends disappeared on us for three years and turned up sounding like she gurgled acid because she had been smoking so much. It just isn’t good for you. Even if you enjoy it, it really doesn’t do you any favors. Of course, I guess that just applies to heavy smoking. So, as I say, I don’t really hold it against people. I don’t think it is good, no, but I don’t have a problem with it either. I just think it is gross. (I’m also allergic to tobacco, so maybe I am biased. =P)
However! I do have a problem with underage idiots sneaking cigarettes into school so they can slink off into some corner to smoke. If you are gonna be a responsible adult (as in, bearing full and singular responsibility for your actions) and decide to ruin your lungs, go for it! Like I care! Well, actually that isn’t true, I am still upset every time I hear my sister’s friend. She had the prettiest singing voice I have probably ever heard, and now she sounds like Bowser. And she regrets it too. If she didn’t mind, well, I guess that wouldn’t be as sad, but she really loved singing and now she’ll never be able to sing like that again. I don’t want to see that again.

So, the long and short of it is this: I have a friend who we’ve just discovered to be smoking even though she is no where near old enough to be, and who very well may get suspended for doing so. Because there is still doubt in this matter, myself and a few of her closer friends want to say something to her, ’cause she really seems like she thinks she just got off lucky and is absolutely ok with continuing to smoke, despite her compatriots gruesome demise. So…what would you say?


I’m still looking for new books to read and would still (and always) love any suggestions anybody might have.

And I would really appreciate your opinions on what you would say in the aforementioned situation, if you have any thoughts.

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