Really Mad

Enraging (Written November 3, 2013)

If I start I’ll say more than right now I plan,
So I’ll say the fewest words that I can-
There are few things more enraging than, perhaps,
A begging and pleading but never asking,
But always complaining and ever tasking,
Who’ll pretend to repent and then relapse:
That sort of selfish man.


I’m not going to say much. As I mentioned in the poem, if I start I will say more than I intended to. But well,

First you take person A. Person A has been forcing their ‘requests’ on person B for a long time. Person B put up with it because they are a nice person and don’t want to offend person A too badly- not that person B never let person A know that they were going too far. Then one day person B doesn’t follow through with person A’s ‘request’ quite how they like (still got it done perfectly well though) and person A starts interrogating person B for why they didn’t just do what they were told. Person B says that they did the ‘request’ in the best and most sensible was for it to be done without inconveniencing others or forcing person B to ignore their job. Person A says person B is being a hypocrite because person B told person A to let them(B) do this favor for A. An absolute lie, and person B knows it, and says it (in such a way that it might be more easily interpreted as a misunderstanding, rather than accusing person A of lying). Person A says person B is full of it and tells them(B) to get out of their (A) sight. All this immediately after person A tells person B that they(B) will be working for person A the next day at great inconvenience to themselves(B) and without pay.

This person A sounds like an absolute JA to you too, right?  If you ever find yourself behaving like this, like person A, to somebody else and star feeling a sharp pain in your thigh, don’t worry. I am stabbing a voodoo doll of you with a knife.

I haven’t mention it before on this blog, but I really think that an ingrate is the worst scum on the whole planet, in all of history, and probably of anything God ever created. So, don’t be an ingrate.


So, that sounded awful dramatic, didn’t it? If it helps, the ‘get out of my sight’ bit that person A said involved physically expelling person B from their car after having bullied person B to come with them to do something that person B not only did not want to do, but couldn’t for various scheduling and medical reasons. So, yeah, sorry, but seeing that happen really ticked me off.

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