Searching For Adventure

To Find What Nobody Has (Written October 28, 2013)

I wish I had a thousand books,
Filled with a million words,
Telling a billion different tales
That nobody else has heard.

They’ll show to me the different worlds
That alone I cannot find,
The more I read the sharper it gets:
The blade that is my mind.

It points me where I wish to go:
That is to adventure, of course,
The sharper my blade the surer my way
As I look for adventure’s source.

But to find what nobody else has found,
I’ll need thousands of tales nobody’s heard,
All in a million different books
That are filled with a billion words.


Not much to say. Just thinking about all the books I want to read. C= Which, of course, makes me very happy. (Minus the rather depressing thought that I must attend math class between here and the next book, but whatever.) I’m still, and always, looking for a new book to read, so always feel free to drop recommendations. I read just about everything (What I don’t read is Twilight by Stephenie Meyer- no dystopian or paranormal romances. In general, anyway. I believe there are sure to be exceptions to my rule of those all being awful.) that isn’t horribly immoral/horribly written.


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