An Observation (And A Terza Rima Sonnet)

Observe What’s Around (Written November 4, 2013)
(In answer to Cubby’s Terza Rima Sonnet Challenge)

Look around the world and see all the sights,
Go hear all the sounds and smell all the smells,
Watch stars go by on the clear summer nights.

Listen to the sounds as the ocean swells,
Listen to the wind blowing through the trees,
Then learn all the lessons that all sound tells.

Smell the all the fresh blossoms on the spring breeze,
Smell the smell of dinner on Christmas day,
Then learn to smell all that nobody sees.

Watch when the children come out to play,
Watch the plants as they spring through the ground,
Then learn to see true when others’ sights stray.

Study the world, observe what’s around
Then pay close attention to all that you’ve found.


K, so I hope I did that right. I think I did. That one was pretty fun. That was in answer to Cubby’s challenge a little while back. I love these challenges. It is great to experiment with all these different styles. Also, Cubby does an awesome job of explaining what each poetry form requires and also gives good, clear examples. So, if you are looking at writing some poetry… =P

So, certain events transpired today that lead to an observation on my part. What events am I referring to? Not gonna say. Sensitive issue, to say the least, and it isn’t settled yet. So, yeah, sorry if I got you curious. It isn’t very interesting anyway. But it lead me to make a certain observation: consistency really is the only way to achieve anything. If you want to be skilled at something, if you want to be smart or get good grades, if you want to be fit, if you want others to listen to you… you just need to be consistent. Practice makes perfect (as perfect as you can be, which you really can’t know unless you practice anyway), good grades are result of good study and work habits, fitness is result of consistent exercise, and other people’s opinions of you are based off of what they see you doing most. Honest to goodness, consistent effort is the only way to gain anything that will be, well, consistent. You can’t train a dog to sit if, one day, you reward him for obeying and the next just ignore him. Coincidentally, virtue is defined as a good habit of the soul. So, even being moral is a matter of being consistent. So be consistent, and build good habits.

Consistency matters!

EDIT: Also! A close family friend who used to babysit me and my siblings once upon a long time ago got married just a two years ago-ish. Her youngest daughter was diagnosed with leukemia at just a few months old. Obviously, this was very stressful. Well, the leukemia has just gone into remission. C= Which makes me very happy.


(Ok, by the way, the new Pentatonix album just came out and I really love this song:

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