I’ve Realized

All Wrong (Written November 13, 2013)

I wasn’t that sad when you went away,
I couldn’t have understood,
I thought that we made each other mad
So the distance would do us good.

But I was so wrong, so totally wrong
To have watched you leave without a care.
I realize now you filled up a hole
That I’d never known was there.


You know, there are some things you just can’t seem to really appreciate until you’ve lost them. And then, when one day you find them gone, all the sudden you realize just how much you needed them. For me that instance happened when I opened my email and realized that those emails weren’t ever gonna be coming again. =/ I hadn’t realized that I cared. Heck! I used to think it was a pain to have to respond to those emails. But now that they are gone… Well, I guess that is just how these things go though, right?


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