School Drama *rolls eyes*

Golly! (Written November 19, 2013)

What do I say, oh what do I say,
When all the distractions won’t go away?
What do I do, oh what do I do,
When I’m too mad to even yell at you?


So, how is this for a dilemma? There is a girl in my class this year who I have gotten complaint after complaint about, lately. She is a senior, like me, so the younger girls complain to me because they don’t want to be caught arguing with a senior, and they figure I can do something about it. What is the problem? Well…

See, part of PE in my school is this volleyball tournament. It isn’t optional, and you don’t get to pick your team. This one girl- the one being complained about- is really athletic. She is also extremely competitive. She happened to get two players on her team who… err… are really lame, to say the least. But they have been trying really hard to get better. So, here is the problem. She just wants to play a good game of volleyball. I sympathize. However, her way of getting a good game is by playing as if she were the only person on court. She has tackled several people in order to get balls that they were right about to bump. She does it to bad players, but she does it to good players too.

Ok, so, I always have an issue with that attitude. Just, well, always. I mean, she isn’t even that good. She messes up plenty. She is sporty, and can fairly consistently hits the balls where she wants them to go, but she isn’t anything special. There are plenty of people who can play that well. But she treats the rest of humanity like they are complete idiots who don’t know anything about the game at all. This attitude is always irritating, but I take even bigger issue with it in this case than I might otherwise. Because, well, you see, this is PE. You know, like, meaning physical education. Education implies that you are learning. The idea behind these mini-tournaments was to force the seniors to learn to lead other people. So, obviously, when a senior has the attitude that everybody else is horrible so why don’t I just take every ball from them and never even give them a chance, well, that isn’t exactly helping anybody to learn, is it? I brought it up once in a casual sort of conversation and she said she has to because everybody else sucks (forgive my language). I said that nobody will get better if you don’t let them try. She didn’t respond.

So, this is my current struggle at school. *rolls eyes* Oh the drama.

Oh! And on the topic of PE, our PE teacher just had her baby. Mother and baby are both healthy, and the baby is totally cute. C=


Is it a bad thing that I’ve been getting twice as many views as I used to, but I haven’t been getting any new likes…?

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