The Holidays (Written November 22, 2013)

We all come home for the holidays,
To come join our families and friends,
It’s something I look forward to
As each year starts to end.

We cook all the foods we love the most,
We play games and go shopping together,
We set up for a party for everyone
Then go carol, despite the weather.

I love it when the holidays come,
The food, the friends, and the family too,
I hope I’ll enjoy these days to come,
And I also hope you do.


So, this probably seems a little too early to everybody who isn’t American, but Thanksgiving is next week, so this is when the holidays start here. Or, should I say, this is when I consider the start of the holidays to be. Some people seem to think it is before Halloween even. *rolls eyes* You know that some people are already putting up their Christmas decorations? *shakes head* After Thanksgiving I will explain exactly how silly that is, but that isn’t what I wanted to talk about, so I will hold off on that for now.

So, what I wanted to talk about! Seems silly to be anticipating ‘the holidays’ so early, right? I just said it is silly to put up your Christmas decorations so early. So… why am I writing about the holidays? For me, holidays are inseparable Thanksgiving is the holiday that starts the holiday season. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas is just a short break. I mean, it is only a month! And, for me especially, that time goes very quickly. In fact, for me, it feels like things start turning towards the holidays even earlier. Why so? you ask. Well, for me, holidays are inseparably connected to singing.

If you have ever been in any choir ever, you have probably gone caroling. Right? And if your choir was the sort that believed in singing four part carols, you probably practiced for a month or so before hand. Right? Maybe even longer depending on what you are singing. Well, I’ve mentioned before that I am in two choirs, right? (Ok, done using ‘right’ for this post, I sound like I am stuck on repeat!) One of the choirs I am in, the school one, does a Christmas concert every year. So that choir always tries to find entirely new songs for every year. No repeats. (At least, no repeats within 5 years, anyway.) Meaning that we are learning totally new songs every year. And, well, school choirs can’t really be picky about what members you allow or don’t, especially not when you happen to go to a very small school. Know what that means? That means that we have some very tone deaf people in our choir. Learning new songs can be extremely slow, to say the least. Which means that we start early. Like, September sort of early. Which means that we are singing Christmas carols from September through December every year. That can sort of get you feeling like the holidays have arrived early, you know?
Also, the other choir I am in goes caroling every year. And my family goes caroling every year (Which is always awesome. Having a big family really helps. We have three bases, two tenors, two altos, and three sopranos just in my immediate family, so we always go all out when we go caroling.) And my classmates and I go caroling every year. And, ok, our entire community, basically, is built up around the school. It is why everybody who lives here lives here. And the lady who started this school (my grandma) loved singing, and got everybody in her school to love singing too. The children and grandchildren of those first students are now the people my age, and the love of music is still there. Obsession, in some. But all that all that means is that we have a really high standard for music. Silly high, at times. (Some people say that, but I don’t think you can have too high of a standard. -.- ) So we all practice for caroling for, um, well, months in advance. We look forward to it. Alot. September onward is spent singing Christmas carols every single day while we get ready to.. well… sing Christmas carols. This year our Church choir is learning Missa O Magnum Mysterium for the Christmas mass, so we have been preparing all the was since June!

So, what I’m saying is, we spend half our year getting ready for Christmas, so it sort of feels like the holidays start very early. Where does Thanksgiving come in? Thanksgiving starts crunch time. Concert is in four weeks, we start caroling next Sunday, etc.. We spend even more time singing Christmas carols. =P I love that. And while each separate holiday has its own meaning, its own reason for being celebrated, the holiday season has always meant, to me, the time when all my family comes home. I have a huge family- 6 brothers and 3 sisters, 3 nieces and 2 nephews, and 9 cousins who are all part of the family that we are close with (there are another bagillion cousins on my mom’s side who we don’t see much of, and none of this is including anybody from my dad’s side). Everybody is spread out everywhere. So, of course! I look forward to everybody being home for a while.

And, well, I mentioned that my grandma really loved music, didn’t I? My whole family does. Absolutely. We are almost always singing. The more of us together, the more singing there is. When my family is together we sing. Which is why the getting ready for caroling really makes me anticipate the holidays. We are singing Christmas songs so I think of Christmas, and we are singing so I think of my family, and thinking of my family reminds me that they will all be home soon for the holidays. C= See, it all connects.

What are you looking forward to this holiday?

THANK YOU FOR READING! PLEASE RATE AND REPLY! (pretty, pretty, preeeeeety please!)


(One day I will probably decide that these posts will be a bit shorter and too the point. I ramble an awful lot, don’t I? Still, I’ve never really believed in curtailing my journal, so I might not. *shrug* I suppose that would depend on the readers. I don’t let the audience dictate what I say, but I do use the audience to decide how I say it. After all, it doesn’t matter what I say it if the people reading can’t even understand!)

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