Year Books (Written November 23, 2013)

I look at these pictures of times gone past,
I think of the memories that I’ve amassed,
I miss all the friends who didn’t last,
And I think to myself, I’m almost done.

There were times I was happy and times I was sad,
Time I didn’t care and times I was mad,
There were all the good things mixed in with the bad,
I wonder what’s next to come?

I wish I could go back over all the past years,
Go see once good friends who’ve now disappeared,
Go and relive all those times so dear,
In the end, all these years have been fun.


So, (Why do I always seem to start a thought like that? I mean, really!) I am supposed to making the school yearbook this year. I wanted to get some inspiration so I was looking through the yearbooks from the past 12 years I’ve been in school. Looking at them sort of made it click in my head that this is my last year here. I never used to think that I would be sad about that, but I guess I am, actually. I mean, looking back over the time I’ve been in school was really sad. There are all these pictures of friends who I haven’t seen in years, of the people who graduated before me who have just sort of faded out of my life, of different teachers who have come and come. Over the course of the twelve years I’ve been in school we have moved location seven times. We have had four different principles. Our uniform has changed three times. There is only one teacher who was at the school when I started and is still here, and that is the Kindergarten teacher. None of the classmates I have now have been here for more that four years. I hadn’t really thought about that until I went back and looked at those old yearbooks. So much has changed. It isn’t like it should be sad, mostly, but it is, somehow. Next year I’m not gonna be a part of this, after all. =/

You know how totally weird it is to say that?! It was only a few years ago that I was vowing to make my graduation speech a short summary of our school, every word having a double meaning allowing me to insult my teachers horribly. And now I am actually sad at the thought that I only have a little over half a year left!


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