A Fire-Fish-Yang-Rat!

Stories (Written November 23, 2013) (I really like this, so I’m gonna write more stanzas later.)

How curious the world can seem to be,
How our histories intertwine,
Peoples from half way across the world
Seem to think with the very same mind.

In China the Pisces is the sign of the genius,
Tortured and brilliant and out of place,
Yet in Greece the same sign comes from a tale of love-
The same sign shown by a different race.

The stories from peoples from all over the world,
From across time’s might span,
All seem to be written with the same thoughts in mind,
As if they were all written by a single hand.


Pisces (Written November 23, 2013)

Like a fish in the sea that’s far away,
Like a fish in the streams I rarely see,
Like a fish in the tank we keep downstairs,
Supposedly that fish is me.

The fish should be brilliant, and cunning,
And sadistic and crazy as well,
And might just be Bad Horse or Gandhi
By what the fish has to tell.

Not that I’ll complain of that,
I’m supposed to be talented, after all,
And I’m not just a fish you see, because,
In the year of the Rat I fall!

Rats, how funny, are quite the same,
Cunning, and clever, and reclusive,
So I suppose that makes me a Water Rat?
I think then I’m rather elusive.

Well, Rat or Fish, (or just maybe a human),
It doesn’t much matter to me,
But a Swimming Fire Rat sounds fun
If that’s what I must be.


I wrote the second poem first, and then realized that that wasn’t the only story associated with the astrological sign, so I wrote the first one after that. I’ll admit that I was more interested in the Chinese stories associated with pisces then I was with the Greek, because I have known the Greek ones for a while, and the Chinese ones were a little newer to me. I have a very interesting thought about the similarities of the two cultures I did reference, but it is a long one so I will save it for its own post, which you’ll just have to wait for. =P

So (Gah! There I go again!) I was just looking up my Zodiac sign, and this is what I found: Since I was born on March 4th, my sign is Pisces  (the fish), and I am a Fire Rat because 96 was the year of the Rat (so were Mozart and Shakespeare, by the way), and I’m not totally certain about the Fire part, but I think it was just that the year before was Wood. And, I guess, since 96 ends in the number 6 I am actually a yang Fire Rat. So, all together, I am a Yang fire Rat born under the sign of Pisces. I think. Which, so far as I can see in my yet brief research, means that I am supposed to be, on the bright side, very intelligent, charming, extremely talented, ambitious, tenacious, and out of place. On the bad side it means that I am supposed to be sadistic, critical, ruthless, vindictive, and jealous. Oh, and I guess the fire thing means that I am supposed to be persistent and restless, and, as Wikipedia says:

The fire element provides warmth, enthusiasm and creativity, however an excess of it can bring aggression, impatience and impulsive behavior.

And yang:

Yang {…} is fast, hard, solid, focused, hot, dry, and aggressive; and is associated with fire, sky, the sun, masculinity and daytime.

Somehow I am starting to get the message, I am a smart, mean, impatient person.  Sort of. The Zodiac doesn’t seem to think very highly of me. =P

I love researching mythologies and folklore. That is, actually, what I would most like to do with my life. I would love to go a research the mythologies and folklore of every different culture and civilization from around the world. I’m not sure how I would go about that, but it would be awesome. I’m also not certain how I would, you know, make the money you need to, like, live. But I would love to do that, regardless. I was helping my friend research some mythologies (and researching the ones she kept mentioning that I didn’t know), and I just sort of started loving it. (These mythologies came up when I was reading the rough draft of a book she is writing. She is an amazing author! She hasn’t posted the story that brought the mythology questions up, but she has a blog where she and her friend have a story the co-wrote. It is quite good, so you should totally go check it out. It is called Outcasts of Alyvion.) Since then I have become obsessed and am always looking to learn more, but it is rather tough to find good resources.

One thing I did find, however, is The 13th Floor Paradigm  were there are these Mythology Workshops. Obviously, this caught my fancy. If you like mythology at all, you should check it out! It was because of one of these workshops that I wrote this post, in fact.


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