Caroling! (And Pain…)

The Pleasure of Distractions! (Written December 1, 2013)

Somehow I can’t seen to imagine at all
How it is that this pain has become something small,
I mean, after all, it’s really quite bad,
Yet I somehow forgot it was something I had!

I suppose, with distractions, such things tend to pass,
When there’s something else there the pain cannot last,
More interesting things tend to catch your eye
Though before you had thought you were gonna die.

The pleasure of distractions! And of duties, I suppose,
They keep your mind from going wherever else it goes,
So when pain seems to stop you, hits you right to the core,
The best thing, I suppose, is to go work some more.


Ugh. My throat hurts. A lot. I think I have strep. I fear I have strep. *rolls eyes* Actually, I doubt I have strep. My doctor said I am probably a carrier- meaning I can get strep, but I wont show symptoms. The only time I have ever shown symptoms similar to strep was when I discovered that I am allergic to chlorine. I’ve lived a long way from any sort of half-descent pool ever since I moved way out into the middle of the country, so I’d only gone swimming at reservoirs for several years. Then I got invited to go swimming with my sister-in-law… And discovered I am quite allergic to chlorine. I couldn’t talk for several days. The only difference between then and and how I feel now is that I don’t look like I have some creepy zombifying diseased. (On a side note, trying to clear my throat a bit I decided to drink some pineapple juice. I hadn’t done that in a while. Turns out I am allergic to that too. My palms itch, and my tongue is swollen. Ugh. I don’t get why I am allergic to almost anything anymore, but it is beginning to irritate me.)

And, of course, today is the first day we went caroling. My choir went caroling at the Denver Botanic Gardens today. It was awesome. Come the end of the morning Mass, however, myself, my mom, two of my brothers, and our choir director (all of whom were responsible for solos), all sounded like we’d been gurgling acid. By some sort of miracle we were all able to sing pretty well by the time the caroling started, but after two hours of singing I now feel like I swallowed several nails. It hurts so bad. Somehow or another I managed to forget the fact that I had a really sore throat while I was singing, but I remember now. Ouch.

But, anywho! Hope all Americans had a Happy Thanksgiving! And, well, everybody else too, even if it wasn’t actually Thanksgiving for you. =P


Beau Jo’s Pizza is the most amazing pizza on the planet, by the way. If you ever come to Colorado for any reason make sure you get some Beau Jo’s!

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