Inside A Snow Globe

The Snow (Written December 5, 2013)

It softly floats down through he air,
Piling deeply, does not care,
For all the pain and cold it brings,
Instead of peace and quiet sings.

Its beauty brief, unparalleled,
Elusive, it cannot be held,
Each facet’s grace so delicate
That there could be no duplicate.

Its voice is heard by all and none,
It shines and dies beneath the sun,
It makes another world unknown,
The silent wonder of the snow.


Hmm… I’ve been wanted to write a poem about the silent world born in the snow… but I don’t think I am satisfied. I think it ended up being more just about the snow than about the silence. Though, that is ok, in it self. I will have to write a different poem about the silence of the snow.

I love snow. Not just because it caused school to be cancelled today, but because I love snow. I can think of people, very easily, who really dislike winter. I love it. I used to be able to sleep in below freezing temperatures, but I’ve since learned that that was the privilege of being just old enough to be able to take care of myself, and just young enough to not be getting sick all the time. It sort of makes me feel a bit like the girl in George R. R. Martin‘s The Ice Dragon that I no longer can. (That was an excellent book, by the way. Just saying. Absolutely excellent.) But I have always thought that snow is beautiful. I love how it makes it seem like you are in a different world, all of your own, like a snow globe. (Which reminds me of Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu, another excellent book by another excellent author.) (And a bit of Griffin’s Castle by Jenny Nimmo, another excellent book by another excellent author.)  Thinking about it, there are a lot of really good books that take place in the middle of the snow. I think snow inspires creativity, like a blank canvas speaks to an artist, or a blank page to a writer, and the silence that seems to aches for sound.

For me, snow brings a lot of really good memories. It makes me think of going outside after every Christmas concert in our floor-length gorgeous skirts and watching the frost form as the snow falls through the light of the only working light in the parking lot.  Of walking through snowy fields with my older sister and her friend who may as well be another older sister, our little brother running ahead of us. It reminds me of when we all plopped down in the middle of that field and looked up and the falling snow and the chickadees that were flying all around us. It reminds me of helping move my aunt and uncle and of the awesome snowball fight we got in when we finished, when we all ditched our coats because we were running around and having too much fun to even remember that we were cold. I like the snow because it reminds me of a lot of good things. C=

And, of course, I get to wear boots and scarves, and long skirts, and nice coats, and hats. =P


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