Unspeakable Pleasure

Words Unworthy (Written December 15, 2013)

I wish I could sing praise of you
Sweet words they won’t forget
Words spoken so well they would know you true
Though they haven’t met you yet.

Your wonder is too great for speech,
Your glory just too real,
Your touch is just to incredible
For a mortal touch to feel.

There are no words that can explain
How exquisite your taste can be,
But I’ll try to convey it nonetheless,
Your incredible majesty.

But I am just a poet
And a sad excuse at that
So you will have to be satisfied
With the ramblings of the mad.
So, I hate attempting to post via phone. My computer has completely bitten the dust now and my phone is my last sorce of internet. Ugh. It has taken ms almost a full half hour to get this far in this post. That is really bad. And the mobile site is utter garbage and has me at the edge of insanity. But whatever. That isn’t what I wanted to talk about.
I wanted to talk about awesome coffee. I love coffee. I don’t mean sugar loaded Starbucks garbage either (not that I don’t drink that too, but it isn’t very good coffee), I mean nice, unedited coffee. Of course anybody who know the history of coffee is aware that its roots are mostly found in monasteries. Same with beer, by the way. Monks have kept a roof over their heads for hundreds of years by brewing beverages. And that has worked for them for so long because they do it so well. There is a certain beer that is brewed in only a single monastery in Europe that was worth a hundred dollars a bottle the only time it was sold in America. They could have sold it for even more. The cappuccino was invented by Cappuccin monks. And to this day the best coffee I have ever had was made by monks.

Specifically, it was made by the monks of Our Lady if Guadalupe monastery in Silver City, New Mexico. Or, actually, they sell it, but it is made by some other Benedictine monks in Brazil. But the monks from Silver City pass through here ever year around Christmas to sell coffee, and it is amazingly good.
If you happened to want to buy a bag and see for yourself, they are now selling it online at http://www.abbeyroast.com for something like ten dollars a bag. I promise you it is worth it. C=

I am gonna murder somebody in a minute here. I apologize for the low quality post, but I can’t seem to go back in the post without it freaking out on me. Ugh.

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