Christmas! (Written December 24, 2013)

It’s Christmas Eve, yes Christmas Eve,
Tomorrow is Christmas day at last!
It feels like we wait for all the year,
But, come December, it seems so fast.

But why all the gifts and the lights around?
Why all the singing and cheer?
What causes us all to celebrate
At this time, every year?

In the earliest times, by the light of fire,
When winter was the darkest time,
For a single day, the most dark of all,
There were hundreds of lights to remind.

They lit every fire that they could afford,
To make every home shine bright,
So when all around them was shadow and dark
They would not forget the light.

And then to the darkness came a greater light still,
The birth of Christ, the Light of the world,
And so was born Christmas to commemorate,
And a new celebration unfurled.

Later came presents, inspired by Saint Nick,
Who gave gifts to all the poor,
A tradition that lived on and on ’till today-
But we can’t forget what it’s for.

The songs and lights and the giving of gifts,
None of these were just born to be fun,
So please, I implore you, in these coming days,
Remember where this all had begun.


Hey, sorry it has been so long since I last posted. I couldn’t motivate myself to post on my phone. It was impossible to make my post look like  wanted it to. I managed to get a new laptop though, so I should be back to posting frequently once more. Now, on to the poem!

Ok, so there is one shop right down the street from my house that has the best Christmas decorations I have seen yet. I don’t mean they are the prettiest. It is just some green window paint. It says: “Remember the reason for the season! Merry CHRISTmas.” Which, of course, made me remember that I promised a while back that I would talk about why I find the weeks leading up to Christmas to be completely ridiculous.

To start with: Christmas lights being put up as early as Black Friday is showing a complete perversion of what had been a religious tradition. First it was a pagan festival of the light that was placed right around e Winter solstice- aka, the darkest day of the year. They would have a festival where they lit every light they could to remind them that the darkness would end. So, if you want to say you are putting up the lights without any regard to the Christian holiday, then you are still an idiot because you are doing so long before the darkest time of the year.
This tradition of the light in the dark was furthered by Christianity. Christ is referred to, several times, in the Bible as the Light of the world. Then the light and the dark took on a more metaphorical meaning. The world was dark because the gates of heaven were closed and Christ was the light because he was the Redeemer come to reopen them. So, if you claim to be celebrating Christmas, it makes no sense to put up your lights a month in advance, because the light has not come.

The other thing I wonder about sometimes is why people act as if the Christmas season is in the time leading up to Christmas. That is Advent. Plenty of people have Advent calendars and have no idea what those are even signifying. It is just a pretty way of counting down to Christmas and getting chocolate every day. Advent is the four weeks before Christmas. It is a period that is supposed to represent the 4000 years that the world waited for the coming of Christ. (All the more reason not to put up your lights on Black Friday. It is the time you are waiting for the light to come.) You shouldn’t be celebrating the feast of Christmas (When Christ was born) for several weeks before it actually happens. You don’t celebrate graduations from April until May, right? You celebrate after. The 12 Days of Christmas are the twelve days after Christmas, not before.

Christmas wasn’t ever supposed to be a big party for the sake of having a big party. It shouldn’t just be an excuse to get people to buy you nice things. It was supposed to be about bringing light to the dark, the greatest Light of all. So, next time you tag a post “Reason4theseason” remember what that reason is.



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