A Huuuge Appetite

A Muddled Mind (Written December 26, 2013)

I try to arrange my life just so,
So that all my thoughts in one way go,
But that hasn’t worked too well thus far,
And I’m certain that this will result in scars.

I mean, after all, isn’t it bad
If I can’t produce on what I have?
What good can I do with such little drive,
If I fail and fail and hardly strive?

That isn’t to say that I don’t try at all,
I mean I have dreams to which my heart falls!
There are things that I want more than anything else
And I know I must earn those all by myself.

…But, well, stop, then again,
So much fills my mind when
I try to pursue one thing that I love
I’m distracted by this and that from above.

It’s like my mind is against itself-
First it likes one thing, and then something else!
So perhaps I’ll just try to do all that I know,
And eventually find just which way I will go.


Merry (belated) Christmas everybody!

Ha, if that isn’t a summation of my life I cannot think what is. *shrug* I have many, many interests. Literature in its many forms is just one. I have probably shown already just how much I love music also- listening to it and producing it. Really, all the arts fascinate me. I try to pursue…erm, well, all of them. Then there are all matter of academic interests, any number of sports, and a general desire to watch and study everything I see. So…I have trouble getting things done sometimes. The problem of course lies in that I am really, really interested in all these different subjects. If you have ever read The Lost Journals of Ven Polypheme by Elizabeth Haydon, I would say that I am King Vandemer, and I am exceedingly jealous of Ven. Though, I would also say that Ven’s curiosity is very similar to my own. That is an excellent book, by the way. Really, really excellent. I think it would be a great book to give to middle schoolers who are just getting into reading. And, of course, anybody and everybody older (maybe even more so).

I was just about to start this thought with “Ha” and realized I had done so already in the first paragraph. I am horribly repetitive, aren’t I? Though, I guess I am always really repetitive, you know? I have talked about my wide interests and insatiable curiosity several times before on this blog. I guess that, this being a journal and all, that is inevitable, but oh well, I suppose.

What sort of hobbies do you guys have? I love hearing about other people’s interests and passions, but I sometimes am a bit afraid to ask because I think it can sometimes seem rude to treat their interests so lightly. On the other hand, I have always felt that, if a journal is supposed to tell about your day (ahahaha…I guess I fail at that), the best way to end a story is to ask for a story from somebody else. (I must really have Lost Journals on my mind, because almost the exact same thing was said in that story.) So, if you do not think it rude of me to ask, what do you find interest in? What is your hobby?


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