A New Year

The New Year and The Old (Written December 31, 2013)

I look behind at a bygone year,
At all the days that disappeared,
And I think to myself, before I forget,
This next year will be better yet.

I’ll be a better person, maybe,
Or, well, I guess we’ll wait and see,
But I’ll at least try to improve myself-
Try, mind you, if nothing else.

I’ll make more friends, get a good job,
Convince myself to not look like a slob,
Get my work done, see amazing things,
Go on adventures and chase my dreams.

I’ll read a million stories more,
And write the stories unwritten before,
I’ll hear songs, see sights, and eat treats,
And learn a new lesson from each person I meet.

But before it is gone I’ll remember this year,
The end to which is drawing near,
And remind myself how much more I must do
In this new year that is coming so soon.


Happy New Years!
(It isn’t the new year yet, actually, but I figure most people will probably be partying right now and not read this for a while after it is posted.)
And, Happy Feast of Circumcision!

So, everybody making their New Year’s Resolutions? Half of which will probably be forgotten tomorrow. I feel like I make mine to abstract. I mean “I’ll be a better person” isn’t something you can look at and say you achieved. Not easily, anyway. Maybe you just thing you are a better person, and everybody else thinks you are worse. *Shrug* Point is, this year I plan to make resolutions that I can look at and say, “I did this”.

Anybody have any interesting resolutions? I think my big one this year is to finish writing Chalk Hands and finally make some progress in the books I am writing. How ’bout you guys?


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