Why Cry?

Tears (Written January 4, 2014)

When we’re sad and frustrated and have given up hope,
Why do tears fill up our eyes?
When we’ve come to the point when we can’t even cope,
Won’t anyone tell me, why do we cry?


I really do wonder about that. Why is it that we cry when we are sad? I know it is a little silly to say, but I really can’t think of a better answer than that our bodies are trying to wash away the pain. Which sounds awfully corny, I know. Whatever. Leave me alone.

You know, have you ever had something really tragic happen in your life, but you couldn’t seem to cry? But then, for some reason, you cry plenty when you are watching a movie or reading a book and something sad happens there? For me, I can’t cry in front of other people. I just can’t. Reflexes stop me. But there are some songs and some scenes in movies and books that I cry every time I come across them. Like Lean of Sheena by the Bouncing Souls. I don’t even get why I cry when I see that music video, but I always do. Same with every time I listen to Grey Sky Morning by Vertical Horizon. Then there are things like, the last scene in A Very Potter Senior Year, when Harry is singing to his son at the train station, or that scene in Cross Game by Adachi when Koh realizes that Wakaba is dead. Or, silly me, looking at old yearbook pictures. Things that shouldn’t be so sad, but for some reason are, you know? ( I wish I could link to all of those, but Youtube doesn’t work on my computer, so I can’t find the lings to any of the videos. Sorry. They should  easy to find though, if you want to watch them.)


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