Music And Worldbuilding

Music (Written January 11, 2014)

Music is a wondrous thing,
The world awoken when we sing,
The sounds that tell all hidden tales,
The sound still plays when silence prevails,
The notes which bring strange souls together,
The notes which will ring on forever,
A new world wakes each time we sing-
Oh music, what a wondrous thing.


I love music so much. Music tells a story without using words. It tells truer stories than words can, I think, sometimes. Or something. I need to think a bit more about how to really express how incredible music is. Though, just saying, I’ve been pondering exactly that for a pretty long time already. Music is just so incredible. Really. And speaking of music…

So, I mentioned a while back that I had finished reading The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, right? Well, I believe that I also mentioned how much I loved that book. (I haven’t gotten to the second book yet, but that is just because I don’t want to finish it and have to wait forever for book three. I’m biding my time.) After I read that book I started following the author’s blog. I love his blog. He is hilarious, and extremely smart (which I think you need to be in order to actually be finny), and generally a pretty darned good person too. If you haven’t ever checked out his blog, you should. It is a very good blog.
On his blog Mr. Rothfuss promoted a certain charity (If you are about to stop reading because you are sick of hearing about all these different charities who want your money, do yourself a favor and finish this paragraph. It is really cool, especially if you like getting signed copies of books.) that he is a part of called Worldbuilders.  If you haven’t ever heard of Worldbuilders then I recommend most strongly that you go check out the website. The idea is really awesome, and I love how it got started. The idea is that they raise all their money through books. Seriously, go check out the website. Part of the way this charity raises money is by auctioning off books donated by authors and published. Like, a signed copy of Stardust by Neil Gaiman  (with a really cool story to go along with it.) Tons of books. There are tons of different ways to win the different books, and all proceeds go to Worldbuilders. But it isn’t just books. Last month they were auctioning off chances to get big name authors to read and critique your story, or to put you into the next story that they are writing. I don’t know if it is still open, but you should check it out because it is cool.

Mr. Rothfuss was looking for ways to promote Worldbuilders outside of his extremely devoted fan base (Check out the blog post) and got in contact with Vi Hart to ask her if she could sing a song from his books to expand the audience. And she said yes. And it is awesome. Check it out:

Oh, and the most recent post on Mr. Rothfuss’ blog is awesome, especially if you are a fan of Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin (or, I suppose, the TV show). It involves a lot of collectible swords. 


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