On A Sunny Sunday In January

Superbowl! (Written January 19, 2014)

On a sunny Sunday in January,
At Sports Authority Field,
Two teams met, division foes,
And to the challenge the two teams rose,
But the home team they refused to yield,
The visiting team fin’lly felt the toll,
And the Broncos were off to the Superbowl,
On a sunny Sunday in January.


*jumps up and down, screaming in joy* They did it! The Broncos are going to the Superbowl! I am sooo excited for this. I don’t normally write about events that take place in real life, but I just had to commemorate this. I mean, technically, the last to Broncos Superbowls were during my life as well, but the first was the year I was born, the next only a year later so I don’t remember those. This time though! I shall see it with my own eyes. And gosh I hope we win. Goodness knows Manning deserves it!

Go Broncos!


*runs away whooping victoriously*

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