I Wrote It Anyway

I Wrote It Anyway (Written January 21, 2014)

I didn’t have a thing to say,
But I wrote a poem anyway.
‘Cause, sometimes, to get through the day
You need to write poems without much to say.

So I won’t speak of school or classes,
Or of things that got on my nerves,
I won’t talk about what things I saw,
Or of the songs I heard.

I won’t speak of how my morning went,
Of what I drank or ate,
I won’t tell you what gifts I got
Or what I’d appreciate.

No, I won’t speak about my day,
I just write random words in a rhyming array,
So, though I didn’t have much to say
I wrote you a poem anyway.


So, I am short on time, I can’t write too much. But, then again, I don’t have much to say. C= Hope everybody has/had a good day!


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