They Die Hard

They’re Hard To Kill (Written January 23, 2014)

See, I think to myself, every now and then,
That I shouldn’t be such a, um, pain.
See, I’ve been around smart people all my life
So I can get very mean every now and again.

It’s a habit, I suppose, and those are hard to kill,
Though, I will, eventually, maybe… oh well,
See, I don’t really want this habit to die,
Cause it such a good warning to tell.

I mean, I don’t want to compromise standards,
Even if mine can be sort of… high,
But I try not to ever excuse myself,
So why should their excuses go by?

But well, I guess if I reach my own bar,
I should know that it’s… be blind.
I mean, after all, the better you are
The farther others fall behind.

And, ha! See, there I go again,
Conceitedness is a scar!
But it’s a bad habit, I suppose,
And those, after all, die hard.


K, so that was going to be the poem I wrote for the contest I just learned about on Desirable Purity. So I started writing. Then I felt like I was getting off topic, so I checked what that topic was again, just to be sure. And then I realized that I was writing a poem on what the writing topic was, and I wasn’t even doing that properly, because this poem had nothing to do with having succeeded in breaking an old habit. I just mentioned a habit I have and… uh, excused it…. Golly, I am a hypocrite! Anywho, my poem tomorrow will most assuredly be about emptiness so that I can enter it in this contest! Maybe. I hope so? We’ll see. I’ve actually been invited by a classmate to hang out (if you’ve been following me long at all, you should realize this is shocking) and we are going to go see Lone Survivor. Or, at least I think that is what it is called. I have heard about it, and am looking forward to it. But I’ll probably get home late, so I make no guarantees about this poem tomorrow. I will try!


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