Writing Poems

I’ll Write (Written February 7, 2014)

I’ve been thinking a while now about what to write,
But nothing I say ever seems to be right.
What words would I find that would please everyone,
And wouldn’t upset me when the sentence is done?

I was all by myself when I realized this:
When it comes to me talking, it’s always a miss.
I can’t seem to ever say quite what I meant,
And when I am able, the moment is spent.

I thought and I thought and I never could think,
What push I would need to push me off the brink,
I wonder what sort of person I’ve been
That I never could ever say what I mean.

I was thinking a while when I thought to myself,
I’ll just write for me, if nobody else.
After all if at least the sentence is done
Then maybe someday it will please someone.


So, we are supposed to be writing a poems to recite in our literature class at school. It is due Monday. Needless to say, I am ecstatic. Talk about an assignment I love. But… well… I have this problem. I feel like every poem I write because I have to write it… sounds awful. Like, really bad. So I figured, this time, I would just use a poem I’ve already written, So I had a few unbiased friends read a couple of the poems I have that fit the assignment well. They picked out two they liked best and I was just gonna go with one of those. But… I feel like that is really lame. So I’m not going to. I’m gonna write one for the class. And it won’t be awful. It will be awesome.


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