My Library Doors (Finished)

My Library Doors (Finished) (Started: February 7, 2013/ Completed: February 14, 2014)

Behind these doors where silence keeps,
Behind these doors where monsters sleep,
Away from the world and all the noise,
Away from the fleeting passing joys,

Beyond the reach of ticking clocks,
Beyond the reach of times that stop,
Removed from the grasp of what must be,
Removed from the trap of what we see,

Where worlds await for you to find,
Where worlds are opened inside your mind,
And nothing is impossible,
And all the world’s in your control,

Where wars are fought neath star filled sky,
Where heroes live, where heroes die:
Here is a place that we hold dear,
For all the world is quiet here.


I said this a long time ago, over a year ago now, but I want to have a private library some day, and I want to have written over the doors “The world is quiet here.” I’m sure anybody who has read A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket will appreciate the reference. I think he had it right. That is what a library should be. Quiet. There is way too much going on in a library for people to be making noise at the same time. There are so many words there already, carefully chosen and particularly placed. Yours aren’t needed. There are lives beginning and ending, adventures happening, empires rising and falling… so who needs all the background noise? I want a big library with high ceilings and big windows, but with dim corners and nooks where you can tuck away to read. I want it to have real fireplaces and high backed chairs that you can sit in comfortably. It would need to be two stories tall, but the second one wouldn’t be a complete floor, just around the sides so that you could see all the bookshelves below you, and so you could be at the bottom and look up at the window covering the ceiling. The bookshelves and banisters would be dark wood. I would have a large room at the back for a greenroom, with chairs and tables, because I think that sometimes you just need to read while surrounded by plants. And, of course, I would make sure to have somewhere with grass, and somewhere with a balcony, because anybody who has ever really gotten into a book before probably knows what it feels like to finish and need to lay down and look at the sky for a while. And it would be round. I think libraries need a little bit of round in them, ’cause books have a lot of edges, and sometimes you need to be reminded that the end of the book is never the end of the story, just where the story was cut off.

Er, so, yeah, when I have a few million to spare, I plan to build my dream library. It will happen. No doubt about it. I’m just not sure how long it will take me to get there. But trust me, I will most definitely get there.


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