How Things Change

How Things Change (Written February 20, 2014)

How things change, as the years go by,
Just thinking that I sometimes sigh,
It’s sad to think that life moves on,
That it continues when I’m gone,
Even after I’ve said goodbye.

But it’s no good to sit and cry,
And not much help to wonder why,
Just realize as each day dawns
How things change.

Now all that’s left is just to try,
And let no chances pass you by,
‘Cause soon these chances will be gone,
Even without you life moves on,
So don’t risk trying to deny
How things change.


Well, I guess that really said it all. Robert Frost (who is one of my favorite poets) said “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”  And isn’t that sad sometimes? It is amazing and even beautiful too, but sometimes it makes me so incredibly sad. It feels like every time I find something I really, really love life moves on before I can really enjoy it. Of course, that isn’t what people think of when they say that life goes on. They think that that means that life will leave you behind. Which I guess is the same thing. You can’t enjoy one moment forever any more than you can wallow in it. Either way, life continues.

By the by, this is again in answer to Cubby‘s Rondeau Challenge. Thanks again for posting it!

I almost forgot! I started thinking about all this when I saw this video.

I love Team Starkid (their music, particularly). C=


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