Come the Spring

The Start of Spring (Written October 17, 2013)

A wave of water comes crashing down
Falling from the melting snows
Dripping from the icicles
A million sounds, a symphony
A giant’s laugh, the wind in trees,
This is the start of spring’s sound.


A wave of water comes splashing down,
Falling as the snows unfreeze,
Loud like the laughs of giants;
Tinkling like the wind in the trees.


I wrote both of these back when we were getting our first snow here in Colorado. Or, actually, the day after, as the snow was melting. I was sitting in the library reading when I looked up and saw tons of water dripping off the roof, carving little streams into the gravel walkway below. So, of course, I opened up the window so I could hear it all melting. I love that sound. Now, several months later, I pull my curtains to see that what had been a blizzard yesterday is a sunny day. I opened my windows and heard the same sound I heard back when I wrote this poem. Of course, this being Colorado, we are only just now going to be getting any significant snow. So perhaps it is a little odd to be writing about the coming of spring when we are anticipating our largest storms yet. Oh well, it seems like spring is coming, even if it isn’t any time soon. Though, hey, daylight savings is tonight, right?


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