The Most Precious of Friends

Thank You, Dearly (Written March 16, 2014)

I have this person I have to thank
For everything she’s done,
I must admit she’s incredible-
More so than anyone.

I admire her more than anything else,
She’s inspired my every thought,
Every second together is a treasure to me,
Even after that time is forgot.

Her stories have been to me a home,
A shining example of perfection,
And in them I could live for all of time
Without the pleasure ever being lessened.

And, of course, I suppose I should add,
She’s been a friend more true than you know.
She’s listened and cared when I couldn’t myself
And showed me what way to go.

Every conversation the two of us shared
Has brought me hope and cheer,
So to her I must give my sincerest thanks
For just existing here.


This is dedicated to my good friend Archer M. Smith. I met her when we were both using pen names, several years ago. I was actually reading a story she’d posted on Goodreads called Vyranan. She is an excellent writer. I absolutely loved reading this story, so I looked her up and discovered she had written another story called Faeyn. If it was even possible, this story was just as incredible. There is no praise I could think to give these stories that they do not deserve. I read both of them start to finish, and commented on every chapter. Soon after I got a message from the author thanking me for reading and enjoying her stories. We started talking and it wasn’t long before we’d begun to write each other frequently and became friends. At the start we were always talking about books and stories. She sent me parts of other stories she was writing, like Outcasts of Alyvion, all excellent. But after a while we managed to realize that we had plenty to talk about, even without the stories. She is the one who really inspired me to want to get my stories published, because her stories were such an inspiration to me in so many ways and I wanted mine to do the same for somebody else. She helped me realize just how much a good story can change somebody’s life, and bring people together. She is also the one responsible for inspiring my deep love of mythology, and an increasing respect for role play as a writing tool. We don’t talk as much now as we used to, but I have never been so proud to be any sort of friend with somebody as I am to be friends with her. I would very much be pleased to invite anybody who happens to see this to go and read the parts of her stories she has posted here on WordPress, so that you too may enjoy a good story, written by an amazing person.

Outcasts of Alyvion  by Archer M. Smith

I wish I could give you all the link to Vyranan, but it is a private blog so it wouldn’t do you any good, and last I heard it was being rewritten. Both the original and what I have read of the rewrite are amazing. I wish I could say more, but I feel like it will change direction significantly in the rewrite, and I’d rather not mislead you for when the time comes that you could read it. I also wish there were any way to allow you to read Faeyn which is one of the most magical stories I have ever read, with some of the wittiest, most engaging and well developed characters I have ever encountered, set in an incredible world and an amazing plot. I don’t think I could possibly over emphasize how amazing this story is. Though, well, the same praise applies to everything she writes. Outcasts is so fantastic, and the main characters are so real. You can really feel their emotions and sympathize with them. Ah, whatever! I am no where near a good enough writer to give her the credit she deserves. With any luck, it won’t be too long before she is published and I can more effectively encourage others to read her stories. C=


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