Saturn’s Day? (Written November 17, 2012)

Have you ever thought that Saturday is really out of place?
Like maybe it was left behind to fill an empty space?
It’s all alone from the other days,
So how’d it get there, anyways?

There’s Sunday of course, but that’s for the sun
No riddle to solve and we’re already done
Monday is there to honor the moon,
‘Cause once the sun’s gone, he’s sure to come soon

The Norse named Tuesday for their mighty god Tyr,
Who lost his hand in the chaining of the great wolf Fenrir
Asgard was saved, but Tyr they forgot,
Except for the gift of his exalted spot

For he sits to the left of Wodin All-Father
Around whom the mightiest warriors gather.
Wednesday is his, the mid day of them all,
For until him they rise, and after they fall.

To his right hand beside him is the mighty god Thor
The thundrestriking Norse god of war
At the side of his father the princeling feasts,
Recounting his tales of battling beasts.

After her kinfolk who entered before,
The great goddess Freya is no goddess of war,
For love and for beauty this Norse goddess does stand-
How odd she must feel to sit at Thor’s right hand

And then, at the end, and all out of place
Comes the day that seems to have fallen from space?
A Roman Titan of Time, this one,
So how to the end of the Norse week did he come?


Every year in my school rhetoric class the students have to teach a twenty minute class on a topic of their choice. Anybody guess what I chose to give mine on? Mythology. It is just so super interesting, you know? It was supposed to be a comparative mythology class. I was just trying to give a teaser/ comparison of the Greek, Egyptian, Norse, Gaelic, and Chinese mythologies. It was supposed to be a really interesting class. It was a really interesting class, in theory. I lost my notes right before I gave it, and then my teacher surprised me by saying that I was going to be giving my class to the entire high school. >.< I’m not a particularly nervous person, but that was a bit much, even for me. In the end though I just had too much material. I should have just given it on one (which would have been either Gaelic or Norse). But if I’d had an hour or two (or a week) I could have made that class really interesting. *shrug* Well, if you want to see the pictures and stuff from my slideshow click here. I added a bit of an explanation to each.



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