What Left To Fight For?

Forever Gone (Written March 29, 2014)

She sang a song of sadness,
No pocket full of rhy,
Just sat alone and waited for
A time when she might die.

For what had she to hope for?
What cause had she to care,
When the home she’d spend her life in building
Was forever gone from there?

There were no sixpence left to find,
No blackbirds to set free,
And even then where would they go
When there is no “free” to be?


(That was supposed to be based around the “Sing a song of sixpence” nursery rhyme, by the way.)

This is about a story I’m working on (Of the millions I have started, I actually do intend to finish this one, I swear!) about a girl who is blessed enough to have a loving family and good friends, a school she loves and the ability to do anything she sets her mind to. She was confident and beautiful, gifted with a perfect life.  And then one day that all goes away. She comes home to what was supposed to be a surprise party for her sixteenth birthday and finds her family and her closest friends dead. Murdered. She lost everything that day. Except for someone she never thought would be her friend at all. It’s a story about him helping her get back on her feet. He is actually the protagonist, and he’s actually a professional bodyguard watching her because she is in danger. She, unable to come out of her despair, hasn’t realized but there is something going on. And if her bodyguard is right, her family and friends may have been targeted because of her.

*shrug* Or something like that. It is a really sad story, most of the time, and really exciting the rest of the time. I’m just having making the exciting parts not seem cheesy. And it is hard to portray this girl as a strong person who has broken to despair, especially because the person she was before was just awesome. And the bodyguard is supposed to be cool and competent, but trying to blend in and not stick out, or let her know what he is up to. She just thinks he’s being nice. She doesn’t really know who he is. But, yeah, that’s that. C= I’ll try and get it up in type before too long. But, then again, I say that about all the stories I’m working on and it hasn’t happened yet, so…. yeah…



2 thoughts on “What Left To Fight For?

  1. great job with this poem! love the rhythm and the rhyme scheme you used. the poetic storyline is nice too and one I’m sure you’ll have no trouble building on in your story.

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