Flowery Speech

Daffodils (Written March 31, 2014)

Daffodil, oh daffodil,
You’re a narcissist, but I love you still
Because of hope you also tell
And speak of new beginnings as well.


Have you ever looked into the language of flowers? It is really interesting. Every flower means something different, and they mean something different depending on what number they come in, and what color, and on what occasion they are given on. People don’t think about it now as much as they used to. It used to be a social skill that everybody learned- like, what smiley face to use when texting to show that you are joking, or are pretending you’re joking but are actually irritated. If you wanted to insult a woman on her wedding day you might give her a bouquet of columbines because those used to have the implication that she was a, well, er, very bad sort of woman. Or if you were giving somebody a gift to celebrate some recent success you might give them a bouquet of daffodils (they are the flower of March, by the way, and are one of my favorites) because they are a symbol of success and new beginnings- or, if you wanted to insult them, you might give them a single daffodil because that would symbolize an imminent disaster. The color and number of roses you give somebody can make the bouquet mean very different things. Twelve red roses implies that the giver has romantic feelings for the recipient; nine pink and yellow roses imply friendship and filial love. See why it would be good to know? It used to mean a lot. If you meant to get a bouquet for your girlfriend (or maybe you’re the girlfriend receiving) and get her iris flowers. Who doesn’t love iris flowers? But, oops, you just said that she is a really great friend. Ouch. That probably wasn’t what you meant to say. And definitely don’t give her a bouquet of petunias- they symbolize anger and resentment- unless you give her just one, because that means it is soothing being around her.

You used to be able to say a lot just in what flower’s you sent to somebody, or what you planted in your garden. I think it would be cool if people picked up this again. Look it up. In some places it is still huge- Japan for instance, where it, I have heard, a common thing for the sophisticated or girly to know. Try it out! Make the next gift you get somebody be flowers with real meaning! Explain it to them, I’m sure it will make it extra special. C=

This is an extremely awesome website for looking up meanings for flowers, by the way. Though, remember, sometimes flowers have duel meanings, and sometimes they have very different meanings from one place to another.


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