What The Heck

A Pathetic Lie (Written May 4, 2014)

Why should I even bother?
Why should I even try?
When it doesn’t matter how well I’ve done,
They’ll still just pass it by.

Not that they won’t work me still,
Still pile me high with things to do,
They’ll just never reward me for all the work
And pointedly ignore the issue.

They just work me harder when I ask for a break,
Get mad when I seek compensation,
Then pretend that I don’t work hard enough
And sigh with exasperation.

So why should I push myself for them?
Why on earth should I bother to try?
When all that I learn from the experience
Is that it is only a lie.


If you can’t tell, I am more than a little annoyed right now. And, yes, I realize how dramatic the poem sounds. I was just told, on no uncertain terms, that if my senior class does a ditch day we will all be suspended. Why? Well, first off, because somebody eavesdropped on our conversation about what we would do for our prank (this particular conversation was actually about what gift we were getting for the teachers) and then went to the principle and lied to him about how we were planning on vandalizing the classrooms because we don’t like the teachers. I know who it was that told on us, an I also know she did it because she was mad that she was in trouble with me, her team captain for our upcoming soccer tournament, for telling her to stop spreading rumors about her team just because she doesn’t like our goalie- she bragged about getting us in trouble. The other reason we’d get in trouble is because our school would never agree to a ditch day before hand, only be ok with it when it happens, so long as the pranks were tasteful and done with a good attitude. In short, you don’t ask permission for ditch day. Duh. Keep it secret so it will be a surprise.

Now, if you’re wondering why I sound like I aught to be mad at the snitch, and yet my poem sounds like I’m mad at the school, let me explain. First, I am mad at the snitch. She is a little suck-up who has a bad attitude problem and thinks she can get away with anything because her dad is a teacher. And, for the record, she isn’t very good at soccer. I’m mad at the school because ditch day is a tradition that, literally, goes back to the start of the school. Part of ditch day involves leaving a gift for each of your teachers, a large gift for the whole school, and typically some sort of treat for the students. We were gonna buy a ping pong table for the school, as well as personalized gifts for all our teachers. Frankly, we were gonna spend an awful lot of money in doing so. Our pranks were going to be visually notable, but entirely non-disruptive to classes. We explained all this. But no, we were still told we’d be suspended.

And the biggest reason this bothers me is because, well, we deserve a break. Our school expects a lot of work from the seniors. Extra work is just sort f foisted off on us without asking. After school work, work on weekends. They ask for seniors to do all sorts of stuff that is normally teachers’ work. Except, they don’t ask. They just tell us to do it and punish us if we don’t. Why should I have to come in every other Saturday to work on props for the boys play? Better yet, why should I get yelled at for refusing to? In the past it never bothered anybody much because the seniors got senior privileges. Seniors were allowed to leave campus for lunch, bring drinks to class, and use the school fridge, microwave, and coffee pot- and, lastly, senior ditch day. Not exactly huge privileges, but it is a pretty strict private school, and these were huge to us. This year they got rid of every one of those privileges because one of the teachers said that there wasn’t enough of a difference between what the seniors were allowed and what the teachers were allowed, and that was why the students didn’t respect them enough. Does that sound as stupid to you as it does to me? Not that they even gave the reason to us. I heard it through my mom (who is also a teacher) who didn’t mean to tell me. They told us that our privileges were revoked because it wasn’t fair to the other students. Which is an even bigger load of whooie than the actual reason.

So, yeah, I’m kind of ticked off right now. Pile us with extra work and then take away our minuscule reward because you have an inferiority complex. Awesome. Go you. You actually feel intimidated by the popularity of somebody twenty years younger than you, enough that you would go so far as picking on them just to make you feel more powerful. No wonder nobody respects you. I can’t wait till this jerk gets fired.


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