Am I Done Running?

Writing And Poetry (Written May 12, 2014)

You know, I quite like poetry,
It comes to me quite naturally!
But I think to myself sometimes
And believe, if only inside my mind,
That I’m running away with eager feet,
That my heart is beating a hasty retreat.
Perhaps I’m just hoping to stick with this
And pretend I don’t skip what I still most miss.
Yes, yes, perhaps I should try for a while
Again to try writing of a different style.
‘Cause, after all, though I love poetry
There is still something else that I love, you see.
Yes, a good story that needs to be heard
And this time not in rhyming words!
So I’ll write a story, I’ll write a book,
And when I’m done please have a look!
But please don’t worry, fear not,
The poetry won’t be forgot!
I could never give up all my poetry
‘Cause it’s a part of me, well, naturally!


Ha! That was… interesting. Whatever, I actually quite liked it. And, as it happens, it is exactly what I am thinking about right now. I have been working on writing in all different forms for as long as I can remember. The first thing I wrote (not my name or something like that while I was in kindergarten) was this story about Princess Mayflower who was kidnapped by the evil Weed people. I was 5 (I might have been younger. I don’t actually know that I’d started school when I wrote it.). I just found it.. well, actually, I found it a few years ago now, I guess. But the point is that I have been writing stories for as long as I can remember. In recent times however, I find myself writing fewer and fewer stories and more and more poetry. I think this is just me being lazy, really. I love writing both. A lot. But poetry is quicker. I think in rhyme, so I just write down my thoughts. I type it up and write a commentary and feel really good about it. It takes me all of fifteen minutes, sometimes less.

Writing my stories, an the other hand, always takes at least an hour. (And I don’t get as many likes on my stories…) So I feel like I neglect writing them. But I’m not going to do that anymore. Starting this summer (after I finish my college entrance exams, and end of school exams, and all the work the teachers give you right before the year ends) I am going to really start working at the two major stories I am writing. The first is going to be a full length book. It is called Kings And Rebels: The War Begins. It is about this girl who gets dragged (literally) headlong into a sort of cold war. Her parents had been killed for knowing too much and she is on her way to the same fate. Read the summary, it is a better explanation. The second story is Chalk Hands, which is about a boy who, with the help of a soldier from the army his country is at war with, is searching for his missing father, an inventor for the military. Chalk Hands is actually a short story. It is only going to be 8000 words or so. You should check both of the stories out, if you have the time. This summer they will be updated a lot more frequently than they have been so far, I promise. C=


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