As Wise As The Walls

As Wise As The Walls (Written October 11, 2013)

I wonder, if these walls could talk,
What would they say to me?
What stories do you think they’d tell
Of everything they see?

It’d be nice and handy, I am quite sure,
If they’d tell me what they know,
I’m sure they know all there is to learn,
Since they’ve watch since so long ago.

They would know what had happened when I was gone,
They’d have stories that they could tell,
And they’d never be gone when I needed them,
‘Cause walls can’t move very well.

And when it’s time that I leave this place
I could tell the walls goodbye,
And since walls are really just walls, you see,
I know that they won’t cry.

I could ask them to tell me of all the years
That I have left behind,
Of the friends and the classmate who’ve come and gone,
That have slowly left my mind,

They’d show me all those times I had,
With all these people here,
The times, that once I graduate,
Will end, though they won’t disappear.

They’d remind me of all the teachers here,
And of all the teachers who’re gone,
Who taught me everything that I know,
Even when I said they were wrong.

They’d tell me to say thanks to you,
The classmates that I’ve had,
‘Cause walls are wise enough to know
That I was happy, even when I was mad.

And they could remind me, before I go,
Of all I am grateful for,
Of everyone who got me here
Before I leave these doors.

And I know that if these walls could talk
They’d say what I never will,
That even after I’ve gone away
I’ll love this school still.


So I have two weeks of school left before I graduate and finish for good (with regular schooling, of course, I’m still going to college). It is weird. I’ve been writing the salutatory address for graduation (class of four people, this is no big accomplishment), and making yearbook (almost entirely by myself, and only over the course of a week- this was extremely stressful), and applying for college…. and it feels so weird. I mean, school has been how I spent most of my time for the past fourteen years. I keep having these moments where I’m like, “This is the last time I’ll be writing a term paper for my literature teacher” or “This is the last time I’ll be in one of my school plays.” And, I mean, I complain about my school all the time (as anybody who reads this blog frequently knows), but I can’t imagine not being in school. It’s just… I mean, I like school. I like learning. I like being with other people who think like me (in a more vague sense- my friends over on Goodreads think an awful lot more like me than my classmates do). Really, I just can’t imagine how big a change it is gonna be.

But, at the end of the day, I just can’t imagine how I’m gonna thank all my teachers enough. Not just my teachers though. I need to thank my classmates too. I’m glad I get to give the salutatory address, because it will give me a chance to thank them all, but I really can’t think how to say it that will express it well. I can’t remember enough of all the things I’m grateful for to be able to say it to them. Which got me thinking, again, about how I wish walls could talk. I would talk with them for hours about all the years I’ve spent in school and everything that happened with all the people there. And, hopefully, at the end of it all, I’d know how to say thanks.

Thinking about it, if I had a super power it would probably be the ability to talk to walls. In fact, that sounds incredibly interesting. I think I’m going to write a short story about exactly that!

But, anywho, good luck to everybody approaching/ just ending their senior year. It’s gonna be a big change.


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